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  1. I am having trouble with Subway from the Trilogy and 5 The Notes. I cant get the spread control. Sometimes the cards fall, or its really obvious, etc etc. Overall I need help. Any help will be good thanks!
  2. you can use a different method of switching the cards i use one i found in daryls card sleights.

    - as u spread through stop at a card and and make it a double so when u go up to show you are showing a card with another behind it but flush

    - when you go up to show break the spread at tht part

    - place your finger (one between ur pinky and middle) of your left hand under the double card and your thumb on its back, point with your middle saying remember this card

    - as you pull the spread down use your fingers of your right hand to pull it to the right use your thumb to push the card behind to the left and foward out jogging it

    - run the selected card under the pack and continue doing subway

    hope this helps
  3. Thanks Dude,

    Il try that... forgot to watch the angles section in trilogy... skipped them just realised....

    THanks anyways I'l try both
  4. If you've got some spare cash or wanna buy a good book, i recommend Versatile Card Magic by Frank Simon, it has a lot about spreads and spread controls, as well as some nice tricks
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    Two Problems:

    -First I live in australia
    -Secondly, my parents (im 15) dont like me buying of the inter net so i have to buy from shops that have very bad prices :
    or eg. One Black Tiger Deck = 16 $ AU or 12$ US

    Baically I don't have money and I doubt the stupid shops would even have the book.

    Thanks anyways
  6. try to convince your parents that buying magic from the internet is the least of their worries.

    with all the online predator stuff, buying a book is like watching Pokemon on TV.

    perfectly safe.
  7. Well if you do manage to convince them, i think would be the best place to get that particular book from for you, free shipping if you spend $40+
  8. Oh I forgot to tell you guys..... My parents hate me..... or is that how all teenagers feel? ( I get Magic Gear THrough friends and work....)

    By the way they think their account will get robbed ( Credit Card)
  9. I looked at those websites and initially thought, "How do those websites stay in business? OUTRAGEOUS prices!
  10. Yea..... Really bad Pricing ...... Im buying a Clip for my cards for 40 $ AU.... THats nearly 33 $ US.... really sold for 16 $ US..... life in magic sucks here in AU
  11. Get paypal! Its free, easy, and safe!

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