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  1. Greetings, perverts and other human beings that were attracted to this thread by it's the pitiful name.

    Yes, I need help regarding some products. I am intending to buy some stuff, and would like some help from you.

    First, I have seen the chair "zapping" people. Derren Brown used it with his experiment with the twins, where one's buttox was grabbed, but she didn't really react, while the other one jumped like a fox that just got shot in the head, and a lot of stage performers use it as well. A spectator is sitted on a chair and in a while feels a strong feeling on his butt/leg. It is used as a PK Touches style effect quite often. What is it called?

    Second, what nail writer is the best to use? Is it the thumb tip one, or just the clip for your nail? I really need some opinions here.

    And I have saved the weird question for the end. Where can I get a BLACK glorpy? I bought a glorpy, but it is in this cheezy gimmicked-looking design that I am not comfortable with. I saw Banachek with a really elegant, pitch black one, and needless to say, it got stuck into my head.

    I really appreciate all the answers,

  2. i find it easier to write with the nail clip writers and it is easier to ditch. it is all personal preference. sorry i can't help you with the other things.
  3. Thank you both a lot :).


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