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  1. I have a friend who would like to get into magic and has asked me to help. I'd love to help him, but at the same time I don't want to give him too much information so that he starts figuring out other tricks. Any basic tricks/sleights you could recommend to tell him would be appreciated.

    I know this is a strange post. Sorry

  2. Helping a Friend

    The Biddle trick is always a nice trick to start off with because the sleights don't reveal many other tricks (that i know of).

  3. I'd say biddle trick, triumph, and 2 card monte. that should leave him satisfied.
  4. Ah thanks thats a really good one to teach him. I think he'll like it too. I was also planning on teaching him the Erdanese change, or would that not be a good idea?
  5. your not alone i've had a bunch of friends that wanted to get into magic.
    so what i did is that i started them off with some simple stuff like self working magic tricks and then they would kind of get into it and so i taught them better stuff that would really get reactions (worst mistake) So i taught them the majority of them (all but one) went out and tried to preform it an hour later after promising me they would practice for a while before prefoming and guess what every single on bombed on the preformance.
    2 of them quiet magic after that
    1 of them was really into himself and did the same thing over and over to the point every one new how it was done and not interested anymore
    1 stayed in magic for a little while and kept preforming poorly (even stuff off of youtube) and he did a bunch of stuff i wish i didn't teach him because he preformed so bad every one understood how to do it and now he is not in magic anymore

    and guess what...... that 1 person who didn't go and preform right after i taught him actually got into magic more then anyone else i knew and he is still into it! (raa1993)

    so out of experience i would say teach them something simple that can get a reaction and leave them to decide their own fate. they might be a good preformer and stay with it and search up on or they might preform an hour later get a bad reaction and quite.
    i would take this advice because this is personal experience.(ps. at least try to point them into the right direction starting out)
  6. Ah wow that was a really good point. I can't believe almost all of them just quit. I think I'll take your advice and just teach him 2 or 3 somewhat good/ok tricks and leave it up too him to pursue this or quit. Oh and thanks to everyone else for their advice as well.

  7. glad to help and hopfully he won't turn out like them :)
  8. How about not teaching, unless you really perform a lot, you've got a good knowleddge of magic and you ahve quite some experience. I.e. not soemone is is like your friwend learning off youtube, not practising and showing a crappy vid, thinknig of making a dv after 2 months, etc.

    If you do, you could try and ask for something in return, like money, favors, etc. This way, they know that to learn this art, they must sacrifice, which will make them value their new found knowledge of magic more.
  9. Lend him a book. If he has the patience to learn, he will have the patience to master.


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