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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Philal, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Magicfreak667-Philal automatically is one up because of it being a real performance.Its a kinda mismatch.So next time either both perform live or solo_Or get a friend to be the spectator in the video at the very least.
    Halfway through the effect I didnt know what the heck was going on. It was cool but nothing more than that. There was no incentive for me to be intrigued in the effect and it was just a card location with a twist ending. The moves were very well executed,but too much jazz and which in turn makes it confusing.(be aware im looking at this through laymens eyes,as a magicians obviously I wouldnt be confused about whats happening) Your really good at the technicality,but thats all I can critique you on and philal had everthing thats supposed to be in a magic performance.
    The music was way distracting,dont use music with lyrics if your going to make videos.
    On a side note,when you get the opportunity to do ANY effect,Id advise to do something other than a card location effect.

    Philal Finally someone who can talk to an audience and not resort to "umms' every 3 seconds!!
    Wonderful presentation,if a little overlong. Just a bit though.Shorten your script.I heard an audience member sigh signaling impatience. Speak a little slower but not too. The music in the video didnt match the mood or the trick so might choose your track a little more wisely.
    I actually bought that you werent planning to make it dissapear. Very few magicians can act that part of having done a mistake when they really have not.
    Next time dont make the audience stop and count the matches,it shouldnt be noted and it distracted them when they wanted to laugh and cheer for what just happened.
    The burnt match is back.Thats all that matters.

    Well,I think its evident who my vote goes to.
  2. hey man i understand, i would have had audio, it wasnt loud enough. I didnt know he was gunna put a live video up, or else i would have. Oh well.
  3. Thats why im saying it was really one sided.The rules should have been either both live or both solo.
  4. Last chance to Vote! Less than 2 hours left!

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