Hey, this is kind of my intro to coin magic.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Austin Fields, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. And I wanted to talk to people that are decent at it. I love coin magic, but i don't know where to start, I have bobo's, but other than that where do I learn routines and other moves? I know Sinful and One Coin Routine but what else is there? I love coins because their everywhere, but One Coin Routine is a little angle sensitive for me, any other hard hitting coin magic, specifically stand up close up, aka street magic.

  2. Do you know any Coin Matrices? Those are always cool.

    Sh4de by Danny Garcia is a good one.
  3. I like Silverdream alot. If you've got no worries 'bout sleeving you should check it out. It's quite a nice little routine without big angle probs.
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    I have been in Card Magic for some time and just recently entered Coin magic.
    The dvd that got me started was Jay Noblezadas "In the beginning there where coins".
    That Dvd really gave me the insight to what coin magic is.
    So i really recomend you checking that out. Jay teaches you the basics in Coin magic and also some rutines and vanishes.

    Hope this helps.

  5. anything by David Roth and Dean Dill
  6. Skip the Jay Nosebleeda Dvd and go straight for the good stuff.

    Street Magic style coin magic = standup, no-table close-up coin magic.

    So you're looking for some material in Easy to Master Money Miracles by Ammar, or even the Cultural Exchange DVD series (although they're half card magic, and half coins). The CX stuff will take work, but is totally worth it, and what I'd recommend.

    Good to see you here on T11 Beans!

  7. Whats the one coine routine you know?

    Aswell as actual coin routines/effects, I take it you also mean effects where a coin is used but the effect isn't solely based around them also?

    Sencillo by Rannie Raymundo is a fantastic stand-up coins across routine.
    The Crimp Change is a great way of visually causing a coin to change to another.
    The Imagination Vanish is a really good vanish/production os a coin.
    Impervious is an excellent coin in bottle effect.
    Michael Paul has some great additions to the coins across plot.
    Ice Coins gives you even more scope for coin material.
    Gregory Wilson has some excellent routines on his In Action set, from coin under watch to productions and changes.
    CoinOne by Homer Liwag is amazing and can be used on the street if you wanted, but you'd need to be careful.
    Nathan Kranzos Stand Up Coin Magic has some good effects.

    There's some for now
  8. i think you guys might be taking him to far if hes just starting

    id recomend david roths expert coin magic made easy series of videos to start out with. they cover the basics and its easy to start off with then bobos.

    if your like me and perfer books richards kaufmans CoinMagic is a good source for a new coin worker... and again a bit easier to follow then bobo
  9. don;t make the mistake that many here have made and jump right in the inntermittate material, you will mis out on alot of things that will make you better over all. find somthing that is about coin magic in general and not some individual trick. fotr example coinone is great yes, but will it make him a better coin worker? no likly without a good foundation, however once that foundation is built, it could add ideas for misdirection, slights, and subtilties that will be usful beyond that one routine
  10. I'm also a beginner in coin magic myself. So far I can recommed Cultural Exchange like Scott said. I can also recommend David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Made Easy three volume DVD set.
  11. The One Coin Routine is from David Stone volume 1 I believe, I have that pretty well down, I love stand up (street/cocktail) magic, anything I can do standing because thats how I like to perform.

    And Scott I knew I recognized the name, couldn't place it with a username.

    Hey thanks for all the help guys, I'll pick up the beginner 3 dvd set for now, and I actually know silver dream I forgot to mention that one, I know how to do it, just haven't put the time into it.

  12. thats a excellent routine, one of my favorates to perform
  13. You have Bobo's?

    Bobo's don't just have sleights boi! There's routines in there too! :D

    One I like to use is a variation of Gadabout Coins. I always liked it, but didn't like the constant repetitiveness. Went and found Dan Watson's "Sticky Coins" variation, and have been using that for a while now!

    Winged silver? Coins in glass (cool effect, even with the gimmick)?

    Check em out, there are a heap in there. After that try Revolutionary Coin Magic by Sankey, and I've heard great things from Roth's Expert Coin Magic.

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    Where to start of? I'd recommend Jay Noblezada's In the Beginning there were Coins. It teaches you the essential basics. I bought it 2 weeks ago even though I've been doing coin magic from the very beginning of my magic "career" (which is about a year and a half now), and still learned some new things.

  15. jay noblezada is a talented young man.david Roth has some kick ass old cool shit that frys laymen and david stone , joe reindfleish,curtis kam,ian moran,rune klans old coin work from his video three peices of silver is phenomenal but his new stuff kind of sucks.and my boy jason wethington although much I don't like his routine for copper silver or his 3 & 3 just because in my opinion they are not routined well but his my 3 coins routine is nice except for in what part he uses a fake placementin left hand and he uses classic palm. it would look much better with a retention vanish.just droppin a few names to get you on the right path good luck on your journey to flawless coin technique.peace I got a give a shout out to my ni#%a j nub and tim yorland.
  16. I heard some really negative reviews on Jay Nobezaba's DVD, and to be honest there are many Coin Magic DVDs out there that have stood the test of time.
    If you are willing to invest some money into it, get David Roth's series.
    Just because something is new doesn't mean it's better, and of course the same should hold true for the opposite.

    I stole a list from the Magic Cafe:
    "The complete introduction to coin magic"....(DVD)....by Michael Ammar
    "Basic Coin Magic 1 & 2"............................(Video)..by David Stone
    "Quick & Casual Close up"..........................(DVD)....by Sol Stone
    "Easy to master money miracles"................(Video)..by Micheal Ammar
    "Expert Coin Magic videos volumes 1-3 "......(Video)..by David Roth

    But since you are not a total beginner, I would also recommand "Revolutionary Coin Magic" and "Coin Classic 1 & 2".

    good luck

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