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  1. how do you guys start with card magic?
    What materials do you guys use?
    I'm thinking Crash course 1&2
    or maybe
    but rrtcm needs to use credit card to get the ebook from lybrary and my mum is scared of internet money transfers and stuff :|
  2. Hello
    Welcome to the t11 forums!!! enjoy your stay and should you have any question don`t hesitate to PM me!!!

    You can download "what books to read" by Jason England...here in the site...it`s completely free!! I am sure it will give you some direction!!

    also take a look at the rules!!!
  3. hi! Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    for card magic I recommend mark wilsons complete course in magic or riyal road to card magic. Card college and tarbell are both good too.
  4. I won...hehehe...Draven 0...Luis Vega 1
  5. you may hve beat me this time, but thisisnt the endj
  6. You can get both Royal Road to Card Magic and Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic at any book store for cheap. If they don't have them, then ask the clerk to order it for you.
  7. jajaja...No one could beat you before...There is always a first time for everything... now...be gone!!!....jajaja cheers
  8. Dangit you guys are so fast!

    Welcome to the forums! If you want to get Crash Course but don't want to use your mom's credit card, you should buy it yourself. Ask her to take you to walmart to get a visa gift card. You can buy what you want online without her credit card. Or if you don't have enough money and she is willing to buy it for you, well try to convince her that it's a safe, secure site. But I do suggest saving up and buying it yourself. It shows maturity and she'll want to support you and your magic.

    Hope I helped! Once again, welcome to the forums! Everyone is nice and helpful here! If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. :)
  9. I have to pull for Royal Road. I've been doing card magic for about 5 years now and a lot of my go-to effects are from Royal Road.
  10. you only beat me by a minute. I'm typing on a cell phone, you a computer... Impressive if I say so myself!
  11. Nooooooooooo.....
  12. Oh common...but I don´t have my computer on me all the time...jejeje...
  13. Welcome to the forums! I think im leaning toward RoyalRoad.
  14. I asked my coach to get it for me and i paid him back in cash :p
    just got royal road for 5bucks for the 3 book :p
    Hope to learn everything in there LOL
  15. Heys wassup Kenny here.
    I have the same problem like yours last time but i managed to persuade my parents to help me order from theory11.
    I am sure that there is always a way to get the stuff you want, short of doing it illegally. There should be a magic shop near you somewhere. i always get my stuff from a shop that sells a whole categories of things. :p

    And yeah i wouldn't recommend the Crash Course though(My own opinion) I always think that Oz Pearlman's Born to Perform Card magic is a good Dvd to start with

    Hope that helps~
  16. my local store sells burned .ellusionist stuff LOL
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    That has happened to me before...in a magic convention, a magician I won`t say his name..was selling E and other stuff...burned discs...what the hell? I get it, maybe there is people selling fake stuff...but in a MAGIC CONVENTION?
  18. but its way cheaper its like myr 150
    original is 40+usd if plus shipping to my country it will be super expensive
  19. That doesn`t justify buying burned crap...that why they have donwloads..so you don`t spend on shipping...
  20. is it not the same?
    what dvd do you think i should get?

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