High Resolution Bicycle Backs

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    High Resolution Bicycle Backs [UPDATED]

    Hey guys, I was going to make a wallpaper for my desktop but I needed some high-res pics of backs. Since I couldn't find any decent ones on the 'net I had to make them myself. I scanned a single red Rider back card and photoshopped them into these. I guess some people could get a bit of use out of them... The file includes:
    • Bicycle Rider back RED
    • Bicycle Rider back BLUE
    • Bicycle Ghost
    • Bicycle Black Ghost
    • Bicycle Black Tiger
    They are all over 1000x2000 pixels in dimension. I hope you enjoy them.

    Here's where you can download them [10MB]:

    Please tell me what you think of them. I'm not that much of a Photoshop whiz so this is the best I could do.


    EDIT: I updated the file which now includes the faded border Ghost backs.
  2. Hey thanks a lot, man! I needed these for designing my own cards. Thank you so much.

  3. i think i will grab these, thanks for sharing
  4. *Pas encore*

    If you were indeed designing your own cards, why would you need Bicycle's design?
  5. i cant get em
    it goes to rapid share and i dont have an account
  6. one thing you must have with rapidshare... patience... go back on there, look and read everything carefully.
  7. Thanks dude, these are awesome!
  8. No problems guys. If you want any other backs done like this then just send me a high res unedited scan (preferably around 600dpi in PNG format) of the back of the playing card on an odd coloured surface. For example, a white card on a green background. Try and get the most centered print one. That way the distance from the edge of the card to the design will be much cleaner.

    Glad you enjoyed them.

  9. Here's a vectorized version of the Bicycle back design that is virtually identical to the original that I made a while ago. Basically I scanned the card, used Live Trace in Adobe Illustrator to convert the design to a vector, and then exported it as a PDF. :)

  10. thx so much !! great quality, love it !
  11. The files have been updated to include the faded edges for the Ghost and Black Ghost backs. Enjoy!
  12. I just take ideas from the original bicycle back and modify it.
  13. do you still have the cards?
    i would love to see them

  14. Hi Shanku!

    Would you be able to repost your Bicycle backs you designed as the link has expired?
    Or would you mind emailing them to me at mailit2sam@gmail.com?

    Thanks so much for your talent and time!


  15. Closing thread. The OP has not posted in eight years. Please no thread bumping.


    // L
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