Hindu Tornado Cut

if your talking about the cut that is in Bone's "tornado loopz" video, then i believe that it is a variation on the cut titled "Hindu Throw Cut" on page 49 of Jerry Cestkowski's "Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes.

i havent seen Bone Ho online in a while to ask him but im pretty sure that is what it is ... a variation
Sep 1, 2007
Yeah its one of bone's old moves. The move is one of his youtube vids. Maybe I'll just check out Ashford Kneitel's Tornado Cut DVD.

Vinnie C.

cardistry moderator / t11
Aug 31, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
Remember, the Tornado cut and the Hindu Tornado are VERY VERY different, there are NO similarities at all.

As already stated, you can learn the "Hindu throw cut" from the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes by Jerry Cestkowski, Bone's version is the Hindu throw cut with a spin. :)

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