Hindu Tornado

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  1. Its gonna be on The Anaconda dvd.

    now go practice.
  2. how do you know?

    ps. you should stop saying that.
  3. Bc its in the trailer if you havent seen it already.....:rolleyes:

    Ps. You should stop that Creeper its annoying but you probably wont stop so w/e.
  4. Yeah I know they haven't announced the flourishes yet. Well other than the Eye Cut and Anaconda. I think he's just assuming.
  5. It was in the trailer guys. Must you make everything an argument?
  6. Seriously guys it was in the trailer....now everyone go practice.
  7. wouldnt actually performing be the best thing to suggest?
  8. =) Creeper's right guys



    Someone close this thread please.
  9. Twas one of my favorite moves to perform ever... I'm sad to see Bone selling it.
  10. Flourishers who actually perform?! No! That'd be like... They actually grew balls!
  11. There ARE flourishers who actually perform...

    So please, no insults if you don't know anything.
  12. Yeah i think it's going to be one of those "bonus" moves in the Anaconda Dribble DVD.
  13. wtf? Practice comes first, and judging from a lot of your guys videos, you don't do much of it. Damn, you people can be ignorant.
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    Oh, believe me, I know there are. In fact, I watched my good friend, who specialises in card manipulation, at a gig Sunday evening. Merely a general comment on the 95% of the community who don't. I would venture to say that I know about 30 - something, give or take, people who flourish in Sydney, Australia, and only one who actually performs. Sorry if the truth hurts. But then again, judging by your tone, if you do indeed perform, good for you, and I don't see why you should react like you did. Surely you're not that blinded that you can't see that the majority of flourishers don't?

    Honestly, if you took offense to that, I would simply offer the opinion that I don't really give a crap. Stop taking things so personally.
  15. What videos are we talking here? magic or flourishing?
    Either way the magicians have to perform,its the only real way to perfect an act.
    They spend weeks and weeks perfecting a sleight for an effect and when they want to step out and perform they get so nervous they mess up or like most of them,have no idea what to say and are an uninteresting mess and the practice was for naught because they have no experience performing.
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    hindu tornado is such a joke ... its like "angel".

    an incredibly simple move that is a slight variation of something already published in the encyclopedia, in fact, if you watch the Flourishman's companion DVDs you can see him doing not only this "hindu tornado" but like 6 other ways to do the hindu cut variations. including a very dope "hindu tornado" to back-handed stall.

    visually identical to any number of spinning aerial cuts from dealers position, of which I can think of at least 5, my personal preference being EGR v2.

    another lame offering, dressed up in thick hype, that some how n00by fanboys seem to fall over themselves for! Just like in magic - do some research on the existing material, released years before - and you might find whats "new" isn't really new at all.

    actually, theres lots of reasons to get the companion DVDs besides so you don't look like an goof, fawning over a simple cut. You might find something to work on that doesn't cost you $$$$$$ per move! MAYBE YOU MIGHT EVEN MAKE UP YOUR OWN SH!T. who knows, the sky is the limit at that point.

    ohhhh... but flourishman did not spend $720000 making his DVD, and doesn't have everyone from Dave buck to Dai Vernon on an HD video spammed across 18 different websites (like unitedcardists.COM what the fuh guys)

    so, maybe you guys won't even consider getting it until 50 spam emails invade your inbox talking about how you can make a career out of it. lol
  17. Guys... All I asked is where I could find this. Not to argue about crap that isn't relavent. Anyways, thanks to those who answered and stayed on topic...

    That's what it looks like to me.

    n00by fanboys? Speak for yourself. I'm not "falling over it". I do research. Why not use resources on here first? Real people who might know something, not some self obsessed stuck up guy who thinks he knows just about everything there is to know, or sounds like it. Just because you know more than me doesn't make you anything special. Sorry for being new to flourishing and interested in it but hey, everyone starts somewhere.
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    i'm just a crankshaft so don't take it personally when i rant on. the tangent I went off there was to describe the enthusiasm over the DVD in general. it's good that you're new to flourishing and interested, and trust me there is a good chance you're going to waste some money on stupid sh**. how do I know this? because I did it and so did lots of my friends when they were new. like the XTC deck from E , that was a good one.

    heres the thing - its not your fault - its the companies like t11 and now the "virts of video editing", dressing up olde stuff in 18 layers of HD hyperbole instead of just saying Here Is The Material, Buy This If You Want To Learn It. instead we get ridiculous statements and like snake-oil salesmen, EVERYTHING is the new most incredible blah blah blah. after a while, some people think its funny and laugh it off, but it actually offends me. in fact a member of one of these groups/companies that I won't name at his request, once compared marketing to taking a dump because "its not pretty but every one has to do it". I laughed my ass off at the time but on further reflection , I think that's not the way things should be... just my opinion though I don't want to rain on your enthusiasm, but rather let you know there's a metric sh*t-ton of material out there that most people don't know about simply because it isn't hyped.

    and honestly... if you (not literally yourself, just for the sake of structuring a sentence) can't figure out the hindu tornado variation after learning the basic hindu cut, then god help you, it's going to cost you about $3000 to buy enough DVDs to develop a repertoire of moves. Flourishing doesn't have to be something where someone holds your hand to teach you every ultra-simple little cut, its something you have to figure out yourself to really understand and take it to the next level, your unique level. to make a bad analogy, some guys buy a modded-up car off craiglist and drive it around like they're hot ish, other guys might buy a set of tools and build/upgrade to their own rig. The guys that built their own hot rod up, handle the thing much more skillfully , and are better prepared if it breaks down because they understand its components and how they all fit together.
  19. I understand what your saying. I don't know what the hindu cut is, well I might I just can't place a name with the cut at the moment. But I agree with pretty much everything you've said. I like the analogy btw. Makes good sense.

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