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  1. Question T11... who on a professional level properly has mixed Hip-Hop, comedy & magic?

    As a youngster I fell in love with how Doug Henning properly mixed the disco pop culture with magic. In our era Criss Angel has properly mixed the rock culture and Dan Sperry has done wonders with the (maybe I can say) punk / goth look......

    ... but who has really done Hip-Hop? It has always seem to me that the majority of magicians don't like rap music. But because of their dislike of the music, it spills over into their dislike of the culture. Maybe that is a reason... I'm not sure.

    Well take a look at this.

    Smoothini - Get Down!!!

    My website is down, and this might go up as the intro video once I can find an adequate replacement to the music.

    But please let me know if you do know of anyone else mixing it this way. Thanks.

    Oh... don't mention Dynamo... I know about homie
  2. I'm just wondering, what exactly makes that Hip-Hop magic other than your dress sense and the music? I wouldn't call Dynamo a Hip-Hop magician, he's just worked for people in the music industry because of his deal with Adidas but at least he can pop'n'lock to his magic.

    There probably isn't a "Hip-Hop Magician" because that branding really limits your client base. There are more than enough "Urban Magicians" though.
  3. Actually Dynamo considers himself a Hip Hop Magician

    Check out Liam Walsh Magic on YouTube... cocky as hell but he considers himself a hip hop magician as well
  4. Man congratulations, it's been a while since I have been really enterteined by the way someone performs, I think that both styles are blending really well for you, congratulations man, that's was great.

    The only thing that I don't like a lot is the name. I think it would be better if you used your normal name or something like that :). Just my opinion. I mean, based on the character that you are portraying.

    Btw, I believe that Chris Brown is also into that kind of style, the guys does beatbox and his videos are full of hip hop like-esque things.
  5. Umm all my people in NY lol Depends in what way, music, dance, style?
  6. To Formula -

    Hip-Hop is a culture. Rap is the music inspired by the culture, not the other way around. Hip-Hop's art forms like grafetti, spoken word, break dancing, etc.... is all part of the culture. Another major part that doesn't seem to be noticed much is the hip-hop comedic / presentational style. That video might not be the example of my style, but it is hip-hop. For sure.

    Oh and don't take this the wrong way because you come across as a good person. But you said something that lesser individuals have told me. Which is

    [rant]that it would "limit my client base." WTF? really?

    my dude, I've been doing packed shows for the past six years with this name & imae

    For one I do shows mostly in Vegas and around America where people buy tickets specifically to see "The Ghetto Houdini". You may consider my audience as my clients, but not really. I'm not for hire. Go tell Lil' Wayne or Jay-Z or Eminem to not curse on a record because it might limit their client base. They STILL sell millions of records. Apparently their limited client base can still make them money.

    ALSO.... do you think Criss Angel playing off a rock image limits him? Think Dan Sperry playing off a goth image limits him? No... but you do think that hip-hop will limit me because you personally might (I say might since I really don't know you) not like it.


    And yeah good description of Liam. Spoken to him on several occassions and Chris Brown is my boy. Was hoping to hear of someone out there touring with a major show.

    And yo Six, if your in NY come to my show on Feb 8th in midtown. I'll shoot you some free tickets.
  7. Smoothini, speaking of your shows...when ya gonna be in Houston and where in Houston are you performing at?
  8. I'll do some research for ya... I know I'm forgetting someone so when I remember I'll letcha know
  9. I know it's a culture, I was very much a Hip-Hop person until about 22. I trained in a London gym with breakdancers and I performed magic on the streets to "thugs" but I think what I said still stands, what exactly makes your magic "Hip-Hop magic"? You gave us that video to judge by and though it has a very urban, street vibe there isn't actually anything distinctly Hip-Hop about it.

    About limiting your client base. That is purely between the difference in our countries. Sure, you can get work in NYC and many other places within the states with your style but I think you would really struggle to make a living out of it in England.
    Jay-Z, Eminem and Lil Wayne are not you, they are being exposed to the entire planet and in the big picture, they do limit their client base by their image and raps. They are extemely talented musicians so they sell a high quality product but still thousands of people around the world protest about them and their music. On top of that they sell clean versions of their albums. Hopefully you see how wrong it is to compare them with you.

    Criss Angel definitely limits his audience by his goth rock image. From an article I read (that was posted on this forum) I believe the goth rock was tonned down in his vegas show and it now shows him as a more mature, seasoned showman. I personally don't like watching him because I don't like guys that wear make up, nail varnish etc...it makes me feel uncomfortable. That doesn't mean that millions won't love him.

    Don't get me wrong though, I enjoyed your video. I liked the card manipulations as not many people do things like that on promo videos and no doubt you're a success and make plenty of money. I'm simply saying, what exactly is hip-hop about your magic? You cant give us a video to judge and then say the video isn't a good example.
  10. Video was sick bro! I'm loving the Nas cut! Everything looked really clean. The manipulations were really good. Yeah you don't have to perform magic while rapping and busting a headspin to be a "hip-hop" magician. It's in the body language, dress, and patter. If that's how you are even when you're not performing then more power to you! You should be comfortable and natural while performing. Keep it up brotha, I enjoyed the vid.
  11. Look up Queens 187 // spooky contest #10 on you tube
  12. LOL..... good freaking point. You are one cool dude Formula. But my original question wasn't to judge my video on the merits of me mixing hip-hop culture and magic. It was if anyone knew of a professional magician that properly mixes hip-hop and magic.

    My response was mostly out of angst I have against a lot more people that concentrate on the smaller things. Critique me, my style, my skill and when I debate them on it (in order to see how strong their arguments are) blame me for not taking criticism well. HA!

    If I think I'm doing something right, I'd like to hear a damn good reason to switch it and not just take your word for it. Like the hundreds of people that have told me to drop the name Ghetto Houdini. And yet my audiences have never seen a problem with it.

    I'm getting carried away again.


    BlueSpade - Thanks I'm going to definitly look into him.

    AntTheMagnificent - thanks... and yes that is how I am on the day to day. But get this clear. Smoothini is a performance character. Although I do act like that, there are things the character would say during performance that I would never do in real life. Smoothini has to be more ignorant, a bit more flirtatious with the ladies and have all the swag in the world.

    Formula - back to you my dude.... I'm not sure what exactly makes me hip-hop. Jumping on something Ant said, it is in the body language, the patter, the sense of humour... and more than the clothes and music. It's my frame of mind. My hustle.. my grind. it's my aggressive nature on stage. My cockiness, the pure belief of being in getting to that $500 million dollars a year magic club and not accepting anything else than that.

    hmmmm.... here, let me show you this video and you judge if it shows hip-hop or not.



    if anything just search "Smoothini" on youtube and way more will pop up. And really let me know. I'll defend my position, but that is the way I weigh the truth behind your thoughts.

    Much love,

  13. i love the dont worry white woman line... haha man your awesome.

  14. lol.... if you only knew the story behind that line. LOL.

    Thanks. I get an average of 3 messages a month about how offensive that is. I swear some people are very sensitive. Glad you found it funny. Many don't.
  15. not at all and im white as the day is long lol well amoung other things, i dig you rope escape joke, i played with it at my friends house and confused the **** outa them. haha
  16. You don't have to defend yourself as I'm not trying to attack you, we just disagree. I don't think swearing, calling that lady "woman" and making racial jokes is classed as hip hop, lot's of very different comedians do that.
  17. I like the promo video Smoothini.

    Most of the hip-hop influenced magicians I know have already been posted, sorry I couldn't help with it.

    I do want to say that you rope routine and Card in Hat videos (I just watched on youtube) are freakin' hilarious. Keep up the (good) funny work.
  18. Me and my dad were searching up magic performances on YouTube one night and we stumbled upon Smoothini, the Ghetto Houdini. We both were laughing at all your tricks and loved the way you performed!

    We both loved your ''name'' and thought it was just perfect. It made you distinct from other magicians and the name 'Houdini' catches lots of peoples eyes.


  19. Oh wow that's kind of cool! In Vegas one time after a show some random girl recognized me at a bar. I wasn't even doing tricks, that's the funny thing. I think I need to update my wardrobe.

    If anyone's interested I'm going to be interviewed my Jeff McBride tonight on his online magic TV show on http://www.mcbridemagic.tv at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific. Should be cool. And they will be teaching some tricks on the live stream.

    ~ Smooth
  20. Damn... I can't see it? Possibly because I'm up in Canada. Mind posting it to YouTube?

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