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  1. Hey guys, so I'm doing a project for my senior year called senior quest, which is a project about what you wanna do for a job or for the rest of your life. I chose magic, obviously. I have to do an 8 to 10 page paper on the history of magic, and I need to have 5 sources, and i cant use wikipedia or other encyclopedias, and i know there are some other bookworms like myself who may know of some. Do you guys know any books or places I can get some information from? I would go to the conjuring arts research center, but i dont have the money to do that :/. Any thoughts?
  2. If you can use videos then youtube has some that BBC did. Great information on that.
  3. Oh you need Hiding the Elephant.... GREAT book on our history!
  4. Start with The Discoverie of Witchcraft by Reginald Scott which is the oldest book (at least to my knowledge) on magic. You should get bonus points because it is in old english.

    Then get Magic 1400s Through 1950s by Steinmeyer, Cavney and Jay. That is a beautiful book and well worth it.

    Steinmeyer's Hiding the Elephant and Last Greatest Magician both tell stories of magic in the 1900s.

    Burger's and Neale's Magic and Meaning (Expanded) have an interesting discussion of Shamanism and a critique of the Millborne Christopher book (plus some great advice about how to make your magic meaningful).

    There are also a lot of biographies (some of which also have effects). Roy Benson by Starlight, The Magic of Alan Wakeling, Dia Vernon - A Biography and Glorious Deception (Cho Ling Soo).
  5. Thank you all for such amazing suggestions! This project will be an absolute breeze!
  6. Yikes...Draven and Reality One just wiped out my list for you. Good luck on it and don't plagiarize.
  7. Nope, can't do that, its gotta be in MLA format, I have to cite EVERYTHING.
  8. I'd quite like to read a few of those books but I'd prefer an ebook so I can read it on my phone. I looked on apples ibooks store but couldn't find any of them. Amazon doesn't have any of them in pdf format either.

    Anyone aware of a place that sells them as ebooks?
  9. Probably not given all the copyright silliness that's out there now days. Besides, these are books every magic buff should physically have on their book shelves at all times for the sake of research.

    I honestly don't know how this gadget addicted generation is going to survive when they find themselves without it all. . .
  10. I think Steinmeyer's Last Greatest Magician is available from iBooks.
  11. I couldn't find any books by Stenmeyer on iBooks, unfortunately RealityOne. If I want them I guess I'll have to buy the actual books.

    That is such a moo point. No one asked about your opinion on ebooks and your post offers nothing of value to this thread. I cannot afford to have a nice big book case with various books, OK? I do have a smart phone though and having books on that means that I don't have to carry the physical book around. Maybe think about embracing technology rather than complaining about it.
  12. Ahh it's because it's only available in the US iBooks store. When I clicked to view it it told me it's not available in the UK. Thanks for posting it anyway.

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