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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CaseyC, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. You're better off posting this in the E forums.

    You wouldn't want to go to the Windows PC headquarters or something and say... "hey who's going to buy some Macs? They're having a sale!"
  2. Sorry just thought it was worth mentioning...
  3. Although E is normally bad, as a sale you have got to admit this is pretty good...
  4. I didn't say you couldn't. But if you really wanted some opinion, E is a better choice.

    I just looked at it and it's not bad actually.

  5. Would you care to elaborate? You realise all that is going to do is cause an argument...

    Cheers, Tom
  6. im gonna buy somethings worth 600 bucks...
    from E.T, Frozen(maybe), some dvds, ultragaff training dvds, and some decks.
    but i wanna see what t11 is doing for the holidays, if its better than E, i would buy 300bucks from t11 and 300 from E.
    happy holidays allXD
  7. Wow. 600 bucks worth. That should keep you busy for a while.
  8. There's a high chance of t11 having a holiday promo. But I won't get anything as I still have to complete the Card College series. :)
  9. I would like it more if they put stuff on sale. But ill still annoy my mom none the less to buy me a lot of stuff from there tp get Brads autograph (sarcasm).
  10. the only thing i want is the 100 decks of cards..
  11. I love Ellusionist
  12. wow.. that's amazing.
    wouldn't mind winning some of that!

  13. Me too. Id rather buy something from here. When are they going to announce something?
  14. agreed. although some of the other stuff is pretty sweet......
  15. I'd so use that hour with Brad just to tell him what I think of him. :)

    I'm getting buying then...
  16. Don't get me wrong; I don't have any feelings either way about E, and the chance to win something is pretty good (not the chances of actually winning something, but the prizes themselves), but as far as the promo goes, $75 gets you a sticker??? :rolleyes: No thanks.

    Not that it was epic material, but when I last spent $300 at Peng, I got a ton of free stuff. It was much better than two decks and a sticker.


  17. Dude you took the words right out of my mouth. I think the things you "could" win are ok, but the stuff that is guaranteed at each level (75, 150 and 300 bucks) is just garbage.

    Again, this is also just my opinion.

    Juan M.
  18. Hey guys,

    The theory11 holiday contest and promotions will be unveiled this Friday, November 21st... and you might want to be here for it.
  19. Very nice! :)

    Guys let's try not to make this into an E vs. T11 thread, there are too many of those. Let's discuss their promotion. Honestly? That's a fantastic promotion/giveaway. Some great prizes and A LOT of them! Good luck to everyone who buys from them!


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