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  1. i received my order today of smoke and mirrors v5 and deckONE's. I thought we get 1 scratch off per item ordered. The packing slip lists the cards, but they are not there. Did I misunderstand, or is this an error? I already have a call into customer support, just curious if anyone else has experienced this or if there was any advice. Thanks...
  2. so you dont get any??
  3. There may have been an error in your order. If you have any questions please submit a ticket with your order number and our crew will get back to you within 12 business hours. :)
  4. Hey,

    I also received my order today without any holiday scratch tickets. Just submitted a ticket however. Wonder how they'll fix this one?
  5. Maybe its just us from Minnesota!
  6. then how about mine...:(
    my package will arrived next week im so scared if i dont get any...:(
  7. I received all the ones I was supposed to receive but unfortunately did not win anything. I did happen to get some 10% off coupons though if thats any consolation. Has anyone won any of the main prizes?
  8. My friend got his package today in Canada - No tickets :(
  9. Be sure and tell your friend to submit a support ticket so we can hook him up with the appropriate number of cards. Anyone who ordered since the contest began should clearly have the Holiday Contest cards included with their package.

    Cadillac I'm fairly certain Zach took care you a few days ago, but if you need anything else please let us know. Every order is packed by hand so mistakes aren't 100% avoidable, but we'll rectify any mistakes that occur ASAP.
  10. I'm in Minnesota and received a scratch ticket for each my D&D V5's and deckONE... Didn't win anything though o_O
  11. I wasn't expecting to win... still a fun thing to do!
  12. Got 3 orders so far. First one was nice, had the tickets. Second one went downhill to photocopies of "try again " no scratch. Then the last order had none. Kind of a disappointment.

    Hopefully the sentinels that are on the way have the tics!

  13. Vorezo please be sure to submit a ticket to our support department with the Order ID lacking the scratch cards. We'll be sure to hook you up with those ASAP.
  14. I did before I posted :)

    Btw are these still scratch cards or switched to photocopies?

    And Deck1 is freakin awesome!!!
  15. Can any of the T11 team say how they're being distributed? The winning scratch cards I mean. Were they randomly done when you ordered them? Do you have a pile of winners that you put in every now and then?

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