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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jmagica, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. How do you claim decks you recieve on the Holiday Wheel
  2. Hey (;,
    I guess you will be contacted through the email you had entered before spinning the wheel. It just might take some time.
    Good luck.
  3. ok because i won a propaganda and i still havent gotten an email
  4. Hey jmagica, if you haven't received a confirmation email within 24 hours of your win, contact our support crew and we can try to manually verify your prize in the database (all wins are recorded). Then, we'll make sure it gets sent out ASAP.
  5. I still have not gotten the email, am i doing something wrong?? I spun it on my phone and clicked out of the window fast
  6. Just wait a little bit or sent a support ticket - I'm sure you'll get your confirmation email very soon...
  7. They send them out in a weekly batch, I emailed support because Inwon a Red JAQK and they said if you don't get the email don't think you are forgotten, they just ship them out once a week in batches. They will contact you for shipping info nedded before they ship them in the weekly batch. Idk the day though.
  8. They said withing 24 hours
  9. Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for your patience over the holidays regarding shipping of free gifts won in the 2013 Holiday Contest.

    Every winner should have received an email by now with further instructions and a link to verify shipping address. Check your inbox, spam folder, and if you think we missed you, send support a note for a quick resolution.

    There are still prizes up for grabs, so spin on into the new year and win more free stuff!
  10. OMG i WON i won i won gold monarch deck..played safe and took screenshot. Crazy becouse i got 4-5 times no reward in a row previous days. There is God loool. Waiting for that email now it has been 23 minutes no email only 1 and says your 1 token can win prizes with spinning wheell etc but this i receive everyday....
    btw when i go to account settings --> adress.. there is nothing there i hope in that email to send my shipping info.. With what they ship? Is there tracking number etc..

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