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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Josh Tmagic, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys i’m a huge fan of theory11 i just purchased a theory11 wristband with my elite points i won of the wheel...I typed in my info and it said order complete....Is it really that simple because it seemed way to easy is my order really on the way?
  2. Yeah, when you purchased in the Atchive the only thing you need is to complete with your address,you don't need to pay for the shipment, so don't worry.Go to your Account, Orders and see if they packed your theory11 wristband :D

    If you have any doubt PM here,


    Fran Dc
  3. but is shipping payed?
  4. Yes, they (Theory11) pay for the shipment fees, so do not worry.You do not need to pay nothing.

    If you have any doubt tell me :D


    Fran Dc
  5. Sorry one more question why do I have to put my credit card info when trying to purchase a wire item with elite points
  6. No problem, i can answer all your doubts but contacting the T11 support because i do not know about that.



    Fran Dc

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