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  1. I went to spin today and noticed the contest is over. I looked again at the official rules and it says "No purchase necessary - receive a free entry daily by clicking the "Get one free spin" button on the contest information page. Members will receive one token with each paid (non-free) product purchased on theory11 from December 4th, 2015 until January 1st, 2016." Today is the 1st, I thought the wheel wouldn't end until the end of today, could someone explain that please? (Please excuse any stupidity I have, I have it stored in large quantities.)
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  2. Well if it says until Jan 1 technically 12:00 AM is Jan 1 so that is why I guess they stopped.
  3. The weird part is that last year, they kept the contest going until someone spun and won the Go-Pro prize. Wheel went until, I think, January 4th
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  4. I didn't know that..... This is the first year I really get into the whole Holiday Wheel. I'm thinking of reserving all my purchases of decks for the winter so I really get a bang for my buck. It seems logical that the more spins you get the more likely you are to get a good prize.
  5. Heh, "T11, you shall get no money from me until I get bonuses!"
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  6. Yep yep! The contest ended at the stroke of midnight last night (at 12:01am ET on January 1st) - and yep, all major prizes have been spoken for! As we speak, a shiny new GoPro Hero4 is en route to it's new owner, hundreds of free decks, holiday ornaments, and Gold Monarchs have been awarded, and someone is going to meet Mr. Dan White in New York soon!
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  7. Congrats to the winners! I was just curious about this post as well, since I was never able to recieve the spins from the prize from the SNC. Will I be able to use them next year?
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  8. I don't think so, unfortunately
  9. Oh okay, well that's alright. It was already a very generous prize.

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