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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CWhite, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Am I the only ******** excited about it? Best thing about December.
    Wait... is it even going to happen again?
    Theory11 wizards....any news?
  2. Always a highlight of the year!

    Can’t wait!

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  3. I'm sure we will see something good on December 1st!
  4. Ah, my yearly being burned by disappointment has almost arrived again.

    But I LOVE IT. I cannot wait.
    We live by the wheel, we die by the wheel.
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  5. We must have the wheel.

    Long live the Wheel.
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  6. Who said anything about a wheel?

    // L
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  7. Ah! The Holiday Wheel!

    May you spin eternal on the highway to Valhalla; shiny and chrome!

    Woah woah woah. Let’s not say things we can’t take back. :p
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  8. I hope they bring back 500 point slot, instead of the 250 slot
  9. Been spinning this thing with my friend every day, every year, for at least 5 years now. Neither of us has won anything but 25-100 EP or no reward. Feels like the biggest waste of time. Hell sometimes the prizes on it are just a normal 7-9 dollar deck of playing cards. Surely it can't be that hard to win those at least once. But nope. Just got 6 no rewards in a row after buying a few decks. Y-yay!
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  10. As everyone said, it’s really just a waste of time. I’ve been spining it every day, and all I ever got was a few elite points. And probably 80% of the time it was a no reward. I don’t consider myself an unlucky person, but even the unluckiest guy in the world would win more. Not winning for 80% if the time is no joke. And from other people’s comments, I’m not the only one either.
  11. Hey guys,

    Just a bit of a follow up here. Lets run some numbers.

    How many spins have happened so far this year on The Wheel? Let me tell you. More than 110,000.

    Now, lets say that The Wheel gave, on average, a single, measly deck to every single person each year, and lets say the average person spins 20 times per year for free. This means theory11 needs to provide (more than, the contest is not over yet) 5,500 decks. For free. Our decks sell for $10 ea. This means $55,000 in decks that theory11 is giving away, completely free of charge. While I know that from the outside theory11 seems like a large company with unlimited resources, but $55,000 of decks, on top of other prizes, is not a reasonable expectation for contest prizes that you don't need to pay a penny for. It is not possible.

    Most contests out there give you "No Reward" for the vast majority of the time. There aren't even consolation prizes in most other contests. In ours, you can at least earn Elite Points, which can be used for discounts on orders or for exclusive items in The Archive. Yes, the most common prize is "No Reward", and that is on purpose. The next most common? Elite Points. That is how these things work. The prizes we can afford to give away the most often have the best odds. The most expensive prizes have the worst odds.

    This contest is something we do for fun, and for free, every year for you guys. I know it can be disappointing to not win the grand prize you have in mind, but let's sit back and think about this. You are obligated to do NOTHING to play this little game. This game pays out REAL prizes. Is it a waste of time? Maybe you have better things to do with you time. More power to you. If you don't enjoy The Wheel, PLEASE STOP PLAYING. I'm not kicking you out - I want you to have fun and if this is making life less fun for you, then stop. It's a game, and the very purpose of that game is to be fun.

    If you are having fun, THANK YOU! Thanks for coming back year after year to play our little game for a chance to earn some cool prizes. We have LOADS of people out there who are Elite Members completely because they come back to the contest every single year. We have given away hundreds of decks this year, many props from NYSM2, lots of ornaments and pins, and more! We will give away lots more before we are done!

    Good luck!

    // L
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  12. Yeah guys, they're giving you Elite Points for free. If you don't like them, I'll be happy to give your EPs a happy home.

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