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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JDENredden, Jun 8, 2008.

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  2. Nope, thats not it.

    And your DL is horrible.
  3. Overly dramatic music drowning out any talking, plus a horrible webcam at a horrible angle, with horrible moves doesn't make for a very good video I'm afraid.

    Sorry to be so harsh but it was exceptionally dull.
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    Its not what?

    Yer I know. The gaff is thick. It was outside at nighttime raining and I had only one take.

  5. I've been known to be a bit overdramatic, but that right there was quite overdramatised, even for me!

    I didn't like it.
  6. Yeah,

    I honestly wasn't a big fan either.

    And the D/L was terrible..
  7. it was a gazillion lift xD... turn on a light..
  8. Sorry dude it was out side at night time.

  9. Then why not simply wait until there were better conditions before you filmed it?
  10. my input would be to wait untill there are better weather conditions...

    or just film it in your room....

    either way you should definitely just get a light shining on your cards to see what you are doing...

    and my last thing would be to film it from above... it would've made it so much easier to not see any of your DLs and you could be able to see you actually cutting the card...

    take care,

  11. Hmm. Let me try not to be harsh and make this quick.

    I didn't get it. Without the title and the description, I wouldn't have known what it is you were trying to do.

    I was watching the video, or the darkness rather, and was waiting for something to happen when suddenly the words "Original concept - JDEN Redden" flashed on screen, signaling the end of the trick. I really wasn't getting any of it. Really.

    You do know you've gotten negative feedback on your other video on Bound right? There are reasons why they gave such comments for you. So that's 2 threads/performances not going well for you in a span of... hmmm, a short time. I'm not typing this up in response to your CnR video alone, but for others as well.

    First I assume that you've seen your video before posting it, but seeing how bad the conditions were, why'd you proceed to post it? I'm sure that you wouldn't be pleased if someone were to show you a video like this one. Please show some consideration for your viewers as well. When making videos, always review it first, see how it looks, and with regards to magic, make sure you're performing the effect well. The reasons you cited for your more or less half-baked video weren't very acceptable since your mistakes could've easily been improved or better yet, avoided altogether. At least put as much effort into presentation as you do for your magic.

    How can we help you if we can't even understand what it is you're trying to show us?

    Sure some of those who gave negative feedback were kind of blunt and straightforward but as I said, they wouldn't have reacted the way they did if not for what they just witnessed. Just look at them as "tough love". It just goes to show that to your video wasn't up to par for some people, which means you'll have to do a better job.

    So there, hopefully you got all that.

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