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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Luis Vega, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hello Everyone

    I was just wondering something...is it posible do your own flash paper? I think I read somewhere a way of doing it...of course that was before I realized it was so expensive...any help or direction would be appreciated...you can PM me if you want
  2. I don't suggest making your own flashpaper at home. The process is time consuming, not to mention VERY DANGEROUS. It uses chemicals such as Nitric Acid and Sulfuric Acid both of which will do a lot of harm. Sulfuric acid doesn't only eat away skin, but it is highly hygroscopic. When Sulfuric acid gets on your bare flesh, all the water is sucked out of your skin turning it black as it basically chars it like an open flame. Not a fun day if you ask me.
  3. Sounds like spending the $10 is better ^
  4. well i belive flash cotton is alot cheaper and easier to ignite!
    hope i helped check out my youtube.
  5. Fellas...I am friends with 2 Science Professors and they said the entire process is VERY Dangerous, hazardous to your health if not certain precautions are not taken and not cheap. Just buy the darn stuff.
  6. Aaah, yes.. The vanishing skin routine!
  7. If you are a chemist... Then great... If you are not experienced in working with chemicals... Then.... Well... Yeah...
  8. EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is a joke!

    Here's how to make Flash Paper and learn a lesson at home in a few stupid steps:
    1. Buy Nitric Acid and Ethanol
    2. Mix together

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is a joke!
  9. Ok...I wanted to thank you for all the help provided...I think I am gonna go ahead and try to make it myself...I am not foreign to handing chemicals (not that I am a drug addict!!)

    @Reverhart: I`ll be extra careful and use gloves and glasses...maybe even use condoms...just in case
  10. It's not just that Luis, you need to have a breathing mask too supposedly as to not inhale any of the air pollutants. Just be careful man.
  11. Its not even only pollutants. If you think liquid acid is bad, wait till you inhale vaporized acid into your lungs. :D Oh what pleasant imagery that is! Bleeding internally and all.
  12. In chem class, those acids were always kept in the super industrial strong filtered ventalation system
  13. Just spend the 10 bucks and safe yourself a hospital visit. You don't have the proper equipment or training to deal with the chemicals.
  14. Seriously Luis...I am not kidding. The stuff is not worth it. I'm saying this as your friend. I know what I am talking about. I looked into it because i was going to mass produce the stuff a year ago and went to a science teacher and a science professor and both said "don't even think about" without all the proper protection, breathing mask / helmet, etc.
  15. Hey Rick!!

    C´mon man!! relax!! I was just curious if there was a way to do it myself...in a safe way...either way I am asking a chemist friend if he can do it in a safe way...he has handled more dangerous things...
  16. That's cool man. If you have a guy that can do it, more power to you Luis. Tell us how it goes. Hope all is well with you man. Any gigs lately? Just returned from one tonight. Read my Thread Go the Extra Mile.
  17. Luis...
    Just don't.
    So much time and frustration.
    It's easier just to buy it and well worth the price.
  18. What Keo is not pointing out is that it may in fact turn you into a werewolf. This is why I have started justbuythedamnflashpaper.org. Please consider donating.

    Really though, don't do it. Don't. Seriously, don't. Don't do it.

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