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  1. I've been watching Magicians life in the impossible on Netflix.

    In the first 5 minutes they show a ITR illusion of a ring hover/levitation but what make's it stand out is it's Horizontal and not vertical and spinning like the visible illusion on many to all the ITR/IT dvd and video's out their. I have bought Tarantula II as ellusionist, invisible has so many bad reviews

    I would like to know where to look for the Horizontal method

    I believe the magician name is David Minkin.

  2. If you give a circular object a spin before levitating it, it will stay horizontal.
  3. He means it floated horizontal, or am I stupid too James?
  4. That is literally exactly what Chris wrote...

    Also, sorry to ask this James but (if it isn't revealing too much about the effect) what does the "R" in ITR stand for ? I can never tell...

    Btw @ChristopherT do you go by Chris or Christopher?
  5. reel=R

    yes I don't want the ring to spin just float/hover
    I have also bought horizon by murphy's magic as it has a good DVD for reels
  6. Yeah I thought so but was unsure.

    Anyways, what was the venue for this? Was it a stage/parlor show, or was it more street. I think I might have an idea...
  7. @Maaz Hasan - I go by Christopher.

    Ellusionist just did a pre-release for Venom by Magie Factory. Not only can it do an excellent horizontal flight, but it can do a ton more. It's a genius design and I'm actually really excited to get one. The "Time stop" is visually stunning.

    I keep meaning to watch that show but I have a feeling it's going to be one of those super awkward things that makes me feel a contact embarrassment the whole way through. Kind of like any Steve Carrell movie.
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  8. Ordered, well on a waiting list so time will tell 2 ITR for 130.00 euro's bargain I think??

  9. That's a pretty good bargain. It is, from what I understand, competing with T2 by Yigel Miseka.
    If you buy to T2s, you pay $150, which is 130 euros.

    In fact, you got venom $10 U.S. Cheaper than in the U.S, not to mention that$5 flat rate shipping. :p

    I so want to buy one, but then I realize I don't have the money, and my parents would get pissed at me lol. I guess I have to wait until College :D
  10. Just
    You must have one right? I was looking at it and it looks okay.
  11. Don't have one yet. E hasn't even received them, so they haven't sent me one yet. I haven't been excited for an ITR in years and I'm excited for this one.
  12. I don't think they have released any yet.
    I've been told the ITR is two but it's on a loop if that makes sense so one pulls and the other one releases and then the other way round if this is exposure please delete my post. we have a delivery date in the EU for the 20th August

  13. If it helps, I think the effect you were describing earlier is called invisible by Damien Savina
  14. well I caved
    I've bought the VENOM from Magie factory. Well not Magie Factory but Ellusionist USA as this is the only place where it can be bought.

    I was surprised at the finial total paid for this USD 179.00 that's VAT & Shipping and all done Via Amazon.
    That works out at £132.00 all in.

    I do believe the download is worth the price tag alone plus you also receive two ITR'S. They also do explain the benefits of using Two ITR'S and I tend to agree with them. Down load is 1.30 hours of good tutorial.

    I have another trick but requires me to convince the spectator to believe I have the ability to stop and move back in time. So I think with the freezing of time in the ring affect will help convince them it's possible.

    The download also give pointer on how I can practice while waiting for my delivery to arrive, So Happy Day's.Strong thread or dental floss is on my shopping list for today.

    Just a last thought, you can customise everything about this ITR (thread and strength of recoil) one ITR, 2IRT'S and even repair thread if you get tangled up.

    Amazing product
  15. Nice! I was just thinking about the OP, ad it may have been a gimmicked ring.
  16. No, any ring Maaz any Item
    what is OP?
  17. OP = Original Post.

    I meant that the ring from the scene may have been gimmicked.
  18. O'I see, yes I think it was all set up before they started filming ??
    But I'm now happy as the Venom will get me very close to the affect I want to perform. Just have to practice to make it look smooth and slow
  19. I have a wedding In December I want to do the effect with the rings

  20. That sounds great! As long as you don't freak someone out...

    This has been a fear of mine while performing: I'll do i at the wrong time, or to the wrong person and they freak out (eg. do a ring trick with a borrowed ring from an engaged couple, they get pissed after the vanish, but before making it reappear). I know it will never happen, but I go through all possible scenarios in my head :D

    P.S. Is it your wedding or are you just attending it?

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