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  1. Hey everyone! Some of you may know me from around the forums, but if you don't, I shall introduce myself. My name's Ian Chandler. I'm an 18-year-old magician from Ohio and am extremely proud to announce my magic debut! With the help of one of my most awesome friends, I was able to film performances and tutorials of a few of my original ideas/tricks. So, my trick Hostage will be released on the Wire sometime next week! :D It's a sandwich effect wherein the spectator seems to do the magic. Any price suggestions will be welcome, but I'm more interested in your reactions. :)

    This is a solid trick I've had for about a year and a half or so, and have performed it for many different varieties of spectators and I can safely say it impresses 99 percent of them. It's in the vein of the Bucks' Autocatch, but with spectator involvement. I've been using it in my set more recently and it's done wonders for me.

    Here's a glimpse of it. :D


    I hope you enjoy it. Quite a few more of my creations will show up on the Wire soon as well. Get ready! I'm super excited to show you guys this awesome stuff. xD

  2. It's a good routine but not original by any means. I've seem the same premise and the same sleights time after time. what you did in the video would work for spectators, but it won't hold too strong trying to sell, seeing as how it's nothing too new or eye catching. Keep it up though!
  3. That's exactly the point. My routines and tricks aren't devised for magicians; I couldn't care less about pleasing anyone on Theory11. If you can look past the simplicity and see the effect for what it is - an impossible feat performed by a spectator - then you have an awesome piece of magic in your hands. Thanks for the comment man, I appreciate the interest.
  4. I never do a trick for magician ! too difficult
  5. You missed my point entirely. I'm not saying it's not good because it's not a magician cooler. I'm saying it's no where near original. I've seen it all done before a million times over. The sleights are pretty much near public domain even. That's what I'm saying. You want something that people will see and be like "Oh... This is different." Rather than, after first view, "Oh... This is already in my default routine..."
  6. You have a nice idea here! Probably not for magicians but good for laymen! keep up the good work!
  7. I didn't miss your point at all. I agree that it's not original, but that is hardly the point of a trick, and, frankly, a skewed view of magic. To the spectator, this is different. Most card men don't install an effect where the spectator does the magic. Search and Destroy is a notable exception, however, and a fantastic piece of conjuring.

    And Zach - I made the point that it's not for magicians up there. ;)

    This isn't an effect for you guys. It's for the audience.

    Peace out.
  8. You see though, that isn't my view. You're basically asking if this is worthy of the Wire, and even agree it's not original. So the answer is No. My comment had nothing to do with whether or not we should perform for magician's or spectators. I have next to no magician foolers in my repertoire. If you're trying to sell it on the wire.. sorry to say but it has to be original to magicians, not the spectators.
  9. but you want to sell it to us ?

    thats correct
    BUT for a trick you want to sell on the wire, being original is exactly the point
  10. I'm probably releasing it for free or $0.99, just because of the outward simplicity of it. It's a solid effect, and more than anything it's an idea to share with you guys to get your creativity moving.
  11. Look man, I'm not trying to be an A**hole. I actually care about the progression of others on this forum. It's a solid effect, but the problem is, it's not your effect. It's been done a million times over. I can't see anything new that you are bringing to the table. If you want credits as to who actually has these moves published, I can provide that, but it shouldn't be necessary. Is this worth performing for others? Yes, go right ahead! But don't sell yourself short and try to make profit off of someone else's effect. Straight up, this is unoriginal. And to contradict what you said about most magicians "installing an effect" where the spectator does the magic. Simply put, Rich Aviles has a beautiful (of of my favorites actually) sandwich effect which is completely self working start to finish. From the moment the spectator is handed the cards in the card box to the end. It IS as good as it sounds...
  12. I'm not trying to profit off of someone else's effect. Have you seen this exact trick before? It's a combination of moves that are indeed not my own. I claim no credit for them. From the get-go I was going to release it for free to introduce people to my style of instruction for more downloads I have planned. It's just an idea to share with the community because it gets good reactions and is a good lesson in audience management. That sandwich effect sounds interesting, do you know where I could take a look at it?
  13. The effect is in his book Above The Fold. I'm not sure there is a video on it. But I could definitely show it to you if you wish to Skype sometime. Watching your video again... There may be more, but his effect is pretty much the exact same thing, except, the spectator does it ALL themselves. From selecting a card, to cutting the deck, to revealing the card sandwiched between the jokers. I'm sorry, but that kind of tops this.
  14. I'm not trying to "top" anything, no apology needed. Like I've tried to stress throughout my previous posts, but have apparently failed to, it is simply an idea to share with the magic community to get ideas going and introduce myself. If you dislike it, then don't download it when it releases. I do have very original, different stuff planned, verified and tested in the real world. Hope you like one of those.
  15. Then my advice to you is put one of those out. Like "I" stressed. This isn't your idea. It's an idea put out already before. So it really won't tell us who you are or what you are capable of doing other than someone else's work. Like I said, don't sell yourself short. I honestly dont foresee this doing so well for you. Why? Because its like you putting out pressure. With a different name. "to get ideas flowing." it's been done. Its not like everything submitted to the wire gets accepting. They'll be cross referencing and verifying originality too. Not only originality but also the effect itself. And it's not as hard hitting as it could be. I urge you to listen eater than set yourself up for disappointment. Show us your other work.
  16. Would you like me to cancel the release of this particular free idea to suit your likings? I appreciate the advice, man, but I hesitate to put my strongest stuff out first - that way I'd be living up to a pre-conceived notion. Not all of my stuff is equal. If you can find me a source that has this EXACT trick, then I will certainly check it out and plan accordingly. Every idea in magic has been done before. Even your work is just a version of a version of a trick that Marlo probably did at some point. I wanted a good sandwich effect that was simple and hard-hitting that the spectator could help with, and just devised this. I don't plan to make any profit from it. I really could just leave it as an idea on video, but I just felt like teaching it to beginner magicians would be a good step. I agree that it's not the best representation of my magic, but I disagree with putting out, say, my original change first. Any succeeding tricks would either further raise the bar or lower it and garner disappointing reviews. Do you see the quandary here?
  17. This isn't exactly your call when or if it gets released. It's up to Theory11. I really don't recall Marlo doing much with Tic Tac's... but still. I agree, next to nothing is original anymore... If I mix Pressure with Lit. It doesn't make it an original trick... "Ideas" are best left for youtube or Facebook. The Wire isn't about releasing ideas. It's an opportunity for regular joe's to be able to release their effects. They are looking for stuff that is hard hitting, different. Your trick is below par... Not trying to be rude... I just feel it needs beat into your head...
  18. You have made your point sickeningly clear. I'm going to cancel it just based on your opinion! :D

    Maybe you're not trying to be rude, but you are coming off as such, to a very high degree. I'm very happy with all of my routines/tricks, and if someone doesn't like them, he or she can simply not download it. There's a bunch of absolute crap on the Wire that's been rehashed. I'm not trying to add to that, just release things in which I believe. Although this experience may have set me off from doing so - I will go forth and see how the magic community responds.

    I appreciate the "advice", but this conversation is over. Thank you for remaining consistent. I can at least respect that.
  19. i like the trick but the wire probably wont accept it
    and even if they do, most people will be able to learn it from the performance because it is kinda simple
  20. Nice touch...but I must tell you...there is a HUGE change that somebody is going to turn the card before time...

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