Hot Shot Cut Endings

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  1. are there better ways to end the move that are suitable for a begginer to use what can i do instead of just catching the spinning card.
  2. You really post WAY too much....(PRACTICE PRACTICE PRATICE HINT HINT HINT ;) )
    But anyway, here are some ideas:

    -Catch card
    -Catch in charlier cut
    -Catch on back of hand
    -Catch on back of the shooting hand
    -Catch in same hand's packet of cards
    -Catch, bounce off back of hand (as in J. Soll's The Stag)
    -Hot Shot over the shoulder
    -Hot Shot, charlier in same hand, and catch in same hand's packet
    -Catch in fan (really hard though)
    -Catch in mouth
    -Don't catch
    -Hot Shot at someone you hate
    -Hot Shot to Vertigo
    -Hot shot card on top of fan in other hand
    -Hot shot, catch, one card twirl, flick back to other hand
    -Hot shot, catch in same hand, card twirl around/under the deck in same hand, TG Murphy deck flip
    -Hot shot cut, shoot card at yourself (you deserve it for spammin' the forums....:p)

    Be creative.
  3. LOL great man, if all else fails, give him impossible moves to practice right :p:D lol, the manner in which Jason "bounced" off the hand was fake if you couldn't tell.

    And yes I totally agree with Jazz, be creative, asking for ways to do moves won't help you (cardn00b) at all, the most it'll do is produce even more threads of you asking for tips on how to do move variations after not being able to get it down on your first attempt. You're really starting to piss me off dude, it's pretty clear you have no drive in this art when all you want is instant gratification/not having to do sh*t.
  4. haha...I totally didn't know it was faked. ;;0_0
    Unfortunately that was the reason I wanted to learn the Stag....oh well. :D
    I should make up my own moves anyway.

    anyway yeah, I completely, 100% agree with Darian: stop posting these threads and go practice your hot shot, top shot, and your anaconda. :mad: like now.

  5. the bit in the stag is editing not real

    its editing in the stag thats impossible.
  6. anaconda isnt worth practicing

    its too hard the cards flop over they land on the floor etc.
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    Geez Leweez,

    You cant expect to learn the Anaconda over night. It takes practice and detication.

  8. You expect all your problems to be solved by a tip?

    It takes practice and great dedication. And you obviously haven't practice enough, or have the dedication.
  9. You meant can't, right?
  10. LOL

    Think of it like bodybuilding....

    If you want to build muscle, you fu*king work your ass off lifting weights. Just because you get some magical steroids or tips though, doesn't mean you'll buff up without any effort on your part.


    If you want to learn a move, you fu*king work your ass off practicing. Just because you get some nuggets or tips though, doesn't mean you'll improve without any effort on your part.

    Think about it....
  11. haha darian....that's what she said.
    just kidding.:eek:
  12. Haha yes I did. lol


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