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  1. Dear Cardistry-lovers,

    Does anyone of you know some cuts I can use for the hot shot (where you shoot out the card which was on the bottom before the cut)? When the card is in the right position to shoot, I don't find any problems but the cuts I tried to do it with are kinda uncomfortable for me. So could anyone help me out by giving some one handed cuts that work for this 'effect'?
  2. Pretty much any one handed cut will work. All that needs to happen is that you slide out the bottom card and then clamp it down into the middle of the deck.

    Scissor cut, Charlier cut, Revolution cut, Spin cut, Thumb Cut, etc.
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  3. I use the scissor cut. All it is is to practice. Chris Ramsay actually posted a video today on the hot shot. Maybe try that video.
  4. Alright, thanks. Didn't know it worked with the Charlier
  5. Check out 52 kards tutorial on hot shot as well!
    Quite simple, the mechanics of the cut he teaches!
  6. Chris ramsay posted a video on the hotshot. He has a few cool touches and teaches 2 cuts you can use to get in the position of a hot shot.

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