How big is Genesis?

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  1. hello
    i'm going to buy genesis but i just wanted to know how big it is size of it 4GB ?

    i know its a dumb Q i'm asking this Q cause my bandwith is limited :(
  2. After downloading, final size is 1.86 GB.

    I saved mine onto a DVD.

    One of the best DVDs you could ever own!!!!!!!!
  3. WOW symphony was 1. something GB and it was only 1.5H i guess this is about 4H still same size ?
    if the resolution smaller sompared to the other 1on1 ?
  4. Well
    I haven't received my DVD yet, but Im assuming the DVD is a bit bigger than that because the downloaded version doesn't have menus or anything like that.
  5. The resolution of the video is most definitely completely aligned with our other productions - no worries there. ;)
  6. yea but in card fundemental and TNR the resolution is small i dont want it to be small soo when i full screen it the quality gets crappy
  7. Resolution on the downloaded version does look good.

    I've increased the size of the window and the picture is pretty good
  8. To give you a better idea on the picture quality of the GENESIS v1 download, see attached screenshots from the actual video. Crystal clear.


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