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  1. im 13 and have been doing magic since i was about 8.

    I'm wondering how I could become famous doing magic. I'm not talking about Criss Angel famous but like Daniel Garcia famous or I just want to have a career in magic.

    Can anyone tell me any pointers on how to get a career in magic
  2. Restaurants.

    Otherwise, go to conventions, build a name for yourself, meet influential people, don't be afraid to ask for favors, and, most importantly, know what to do and when to stop.

    Besides, fame is not the goal of magic. Astonishment is.

  3. Becoming famous can have a lot of different meanings. Some people may think that their local town magician is famous and yet he or she may not be known anywhere else outside their area.

    You sound like you want to have a career though so this would be my advice:

    You need to get yourself (face) seen all over the place at conventions, contests, and network. That means talk, make connections, etc. Find out who some of the up and coming companies are who may want to pick you up as a rep.

    I would be entering contests like crazy and getting pointers from the judges. You may have a few effects of your own that you want to polish up and maybe share with the magic community.

    Eventually people will start to realize that you are good and you are serious about taking it to the next level.
  4. My advice: SLOW DOWN.

    You won't become famous if that is your only goal. Magic is a gift for people; it is to make people feel wonder. Much like acting and music, for every 1 famous magician, there are MANY who aren't well known, no matter how good they are.

    That isn't to discourage you. For all I know, you are the very best magician in the world! Good active steps towards that are listed above; however, the best thing you can do is to stop looking at magic in the way that you are and just think of it as a nice thing to do for people.

    Kinda like music; you have to do it for the music before you can become good.

    Hope that helps.
  5. no offense, i wish i was criss angel famous...i prolly would do things a bit differently but i would love criss's money....r u kidding me???
  6. Well I would suggest buckling down and performing all the time.
  7. dont' just perform...perform with your own style and do it your own way....

    also if you can some things of your will evetually get a name...
  8. Daniel garcia isnt 'famous' per say. Its like saying charlie kaufman is famous. He is a star only to the people in the indie scene and real movie lovers.

    But going into any field with a mindset of being famous is never the way to go.
    Because more than likely it wont happen for those selfish reasons.
  9. So you want to be famous hmm? Couple things of advice, but before that let it be known I am not famous.

    1. Be yourself: You do not get famous by imitating others.
    2. Explore yourself: What makes you different from everyone else? Once you find that, make it bigger.
    3. Don't try to be famous act like your famous: I do not mean take on a rockstar persona, but when opportunity come your way; hop on it. "You only got one life, live it up while you can." Also try not to talk down about other magicians in front of laymen, it doesn't reflect back on you very well.
    4. The more effort you put in the greater the reward.
  10. Perform, Perform and Perform. And try to figure out a way to be different from every other magician out there. I think your first goal should be to become 'THE' magican in your area. If anyone thinks about some entertainment in your town or city, they should be thinking about you or have you in mind. The second thing I would suggest, is to make goals for yourself of where you want to be and what you want to be doing, and put it to a timeline., but keep in mind getting your name out there does not happen over night. Also you need to be very social to make connections and DONT BURN ANDY BRIDGES along the way. You never know who people know and who can help you out down the road.

    Lastly, Anthony Owen had a CD that you may want to purchase. It's the Magic Interview Series by Jay Fortune. Anthony speaks about alll these things and primarily about T.V. magic. Here is a link from penguin.
  11. Fame in anything should go to the people who do it out of sheer love for it. The ones that follow the if-I-wasn't-doing-it-for-money-I'd-be-doing-it-for-free mentality.
  12. All the people saying "perform" a bunch of times. It doesn't help. If you REALLY want to get famous. Hire an agent, and just work till you get lucky. Fame is 90% of the time about who you KNOW. And an Agent would most likely be able to get you that type of help.

    Just a bit advice tho. Most close up magicians don't get too famous to the outside world. The reason David Blaine, Criss Angel and the others that are some what known are "famous" is because of the grand stunts they do. Doing card tricks or coin tricks or loops or whatever. Isn't going to do the job. You have do something HUGE and larger than life.
  13. Just to add that performing in your own "way" doesn't counts for nothing when performing, people are not going to be comparing you to Chad Nelson or Daniel Garcia per se.

    Same thing applyes to the thing about "creating your own stuff" if you like it, go ahead but it doesn't has anything to do with making a name for yourself, do you think that people are going to be like "woao! that was a cool effect! did you created it?" if you did your work right they will be far more concerned about feeling the magic ;).

    (is it just me or Cedric kinda advertises himself and his "created effects" in subtle way everytime he cans?)

    Anyway, in my personal opinion, reverhart pretty much summed it all, be charming, work on your persona, be well groomed and like rever hart said you need to build up connections.

    Also, if you can set up situations that makes you seem "cool and well known" do it.
    For example, I performed at a friend's party, and one of the most amased people there was a guy that works at coffee shop. I had a date (she didn't knew that I did magic) and I desided to go that cofee shop.

    Long history short, my friend was working, he saw me and called some of his waiters friends to see me do a trick, I excused myself with the girl and I performed a trick for those guys, (obvously I apologised to the girl later for taking the attention from her)

    But anyway, I have never ever performed or work at a restaurant or a party (just in walmart once) and from personal experience, reverhart advice is the way to go. (at least it worked for me)

    Btw, sorry for the arrogance kinda feel in my post there :D.
  14. yes i adverstise as often as i can, however, i am giving him great knowledge...seriously there are a lot of non magicians that worship david blaine and criss angel...seriously...if you do every effect that they may have seen the mindfreak do, you will get this reaction, "he's a lilttle criss angel", or "hey i saw david blaine/criss angel do that"....its still good though...seriously do you want that all the time???

    u can't tell me that if you pulled off a levitation of any kind, someone has said those names...they are being honest...those two get the media eyes.....thats why i added creating is good as well....because if you do something they haven't have the advantage.....

    even though banachek created the pk silverware, but i once did that effect and here's some chick come yelling..."wow, criss angel did that on his!!!!"

    she was shocked to see me do it, but still there's that name again...
  15. Off course it's a great idea to have your own character and what not, my point being here is that we are talking about advertising yourself and becoming "well known", not actually growing as a magician( that ironically both go hand by hand).

    In her mind she is bringing your magic to the level that criss is right now, in her mind you are equal to him, wouldn't you like that? I realised that some time ago, I don't get all mad when they compare me to copperfield and Criss Angel because by the fact that they are comparing you with them, they are bringing you to their level, and all the things it carries.
  16. "The easiest way to lose something is to want it too badly."


  17. yeah i guess you're right....
  18. Truth!!!!!
  19. Just work on your magic, both skill and the way you present it. Forget about being famous and just let it happen. If you never get famous but become a working professional then you should be happy you can do it for a living. If your goal is to be famous and you never reach it you'll always be reaching and it could hurt you in the long run.

    Some professionals, the ones who are basically amateurs who get paid, don't enjoy what they do because it's become a job and they never did get 'famous' doing it.
  20. Read Steve Martin's memoir, "Born Standing Up."

    That will help.

    Like he says, he sought comedy originality, and fame came as a byproduct.

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