How can I get to cardistry???pls help

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  1. Hi my name is Pranav liju and has joined in theory 11 yesterday. I have been into magic from past 4 years but I am so worse at cardistry .I tried to learn but it's not possible for me ,maybe it's because I don't know were to start from and it may also be that I don't have good cards for cardistry .I am living in India (kerala)so I don't have much magic shops around for buying cards or else I have to buy online for such high rates.
    Pls help me how to learn cardistry .
  2. There are some very neat tutorials right here! And even better, some are free :)

    Don’t worry too much about the cards you are using. Everyone has to start somewhere.
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  3. Thanks a lot peter for your valuable advise .
  4. Start slow, Dan and Dave, Zach Mueller, and the Virts all have free beginner videos.

    All of it feels impossible at first .
  5. I second Joshs statement. Start with just the little things, and when you get those down, move on a little bit. There are amazing tutorials for free here, and dare I say it... Youtube as well... But wherever you learn, practice, practice, practice. Trust me, cardistry takes a LOT of practice. When learning a new flourish, just practice it forever.
    Also, don't worry about what cards you use. I started learning with a cheap plastic bridge deck. They were horrible quality cards, but I learned. Any way you can find to learn, take it and don't let go.
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  6. I myself am pretty bad at cardistry, but I learnt some moves because I just practised while I was watching Netflix, youtube, on long journeys etc. Also, I remember this - when I first started magic, I couldn't fan the cards, spread them, or even swing cut them. But now I could do them all perfectly in my sleep. Everyone starts somewhere, good luck :)
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  7. Ah India...the place where a standard Bicycle deck is 700 Rs...
    Don't worry, it's actually okay for me to say so...I am an Indian :)

    But...card quality doesn't really matter in cardistry. I mean, it will matter if you have a poop deck or a new one...but other than that I have never seen a cardistry move that says,
    "This move now, requires a brand new Virts First Edition deck..."

    So relax.

    First get down the basics, it'll make your life easier, trust me.
    Learn the Swing Cut.

    Learn the Swivel Cut.

    Learn the Charlier Cut.

    Learn the Revolution Cut.

    Learn the Scissor Cut.

    Learn Werm by Dan and Dave as taught on Chris Ramsay's channel.

    Learn Judo Flip by Franco Pascali as taught on Fontaine's channel.

    Learn Hubble by Chris Ramsay as again, taught on his own channel.

    Learn the Spring.

    Learn the LePaul Spread.

    Learn the Pirouette.

    And that should make you great!

    Best of Luck! Also check out Ramsay's tips for cardistry in You Tube. It helps...

    :) :) :)
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  8. thanks a lot everyone for helping me
  9. Virts took down their tutorials 6 months age(right when i decided to step up my card twirling the original flickr tutorial was put down)
  10. Dear Pranav, the main thing about cardistry is having a solid foundation. If you are serious about it, you can buy Genesis v1 from t11. If you just wanna see wether cardistry is worth the money you can learn the badics for free from Dan and Davevat their website
    Or from youtube you can learn from @schoolofcardistry channel which is created by one of the best cardists, Jaspas.

    When you got the basics down there are a lot of free tutorial both on youtube and the t11 marketplace

    The other thing you mentioned about cards, lets just say that where i live, due to being illegal, a bicycle deck(if you can get your hands on one) is more than 60 dollars. Most of my cards are shitty carboard cards and cheap plastic cards(which i have paid more than 10 dollars for each because of being illegal), and still i can do every thing you can do with a high quality deck.
    What matters in cardistry is just practice. I hope it was helpful.
  11. Thanks a lot it was very much usefull for me:)
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  12. I'm gonna have to recommend the School of Cardistry channel on YouTube. Then branch out
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