How do I take my magic to the next level?

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  1. Hi guys I am 14 years old and love magic. I have purchased 3 magic books:
    "magic, the complete course by Joshua jay"
    "practical mental magic by Theodore Anneman"
    " The Royal Road To card Magic by Jean Hugard"

    I own a stripper deck,which i can handle wonderfully and three coin tricks they are:
    "nickels N' dimes”,
    “Scotch and soda”,
    “quarter in a bottle" I can perform all three of them well.

    i have also bought Pressure by Daniel Garcia and Ringtone by Adam Grace which are STILL in the mail, i cant wait!!:D:D

    but sadly my effects are losing their effect, my classmates are either bored with them or have figured them out. I am not able to drive and the closest magic shop to my home is 35 miles away except for the Waldenbook which only occasionally carries magic. so does anybody have any suggestions on what my next steps should be to take my magic to the next level?

    with thanks,
  2. Well it depends what you mean by next level. Do you want to pursue more card magic? or are you looking to expand from what you already know? If you could define what you mean by that a bit better you'll get better answers.

    PS- I would say make your own effects, a great route to go.
  3. If you think taking your magic to the next level is to buy more effects, then that is wrong.

    Your class mates maybe asking you to perform more and are 'fed up' of seeing your effects because they have seen them before.

    Keep improving the effects, and try and perform to people who you have not met before. And then you will improve your magic to the next level by far. Entertain your audiences, and not your mates. :)

    Keep up the good work, it sounds like your mates have had enough entertainment! ;)
  4. also: Presentation is way more important than the trick itse;f.
  5. Read those books. And I mean completely read them. For future purchases, the tarbell course
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    well im planning on pursuing a career in christian ministry, and i would use magic for childrens , i already have a good firm foundation in card magic, so i dont need any card magic help if you need more information please let me know i subscribed so as soon as im notified ill try to reply if possible.
    thanks alot guys
  7. I would definitly say go out there and perform. I had so many different "levels" that I reached so far in magic, and more to come.

    You will hit different levels. You will hit the level where you perform proffesionally. You will hit the level where you can improvise a totally new performance and presentation on the spot. You will learn how to invent your own magic.

    Doesn't matter how much you buy (although some things I have bought did help inspire me to hit new levels and goals), it matters how much you perform. Experience is what helps you most.

  8. don't let them figure it out. Don't show them the same trick more than once cause well, they might figure it out the more familiar they become with it. also prenentation is very important as dizzi pointed out

  9. Try to learn new techniques for existing techniques (e.g.: Undercover Switch instead of a DL). Create your own effects/sleights. Be Creative.
  10. You have three great books already in your possession. More material isn't the issue.

    Personally, at this point I would go to Lybrary dot com and start searching for books on performance theory. Eugene Burger also has a few books and DVDs out on the subject, and Exploring Magical Presentations is one of my favorites.

    Beyond that, read up on what's been posted here.
  11. do stuff other then pick a card for example stuff on the trilogy its all in your hands
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    There's some great advice already. So on top of that:

    I think Nikki made a good point about not over presenting tricks that should not me missed.

    When I got healed and sealed, I learned this. I did it only a couple of times (because of the setup/situational nature of the effect) and people talked about it and told stories and it changed my reputation among my peers. I still have people 7 years later wanting to see that trick again. When you perform something over and over, it loses it's mystery. Something interesting to try might be to learn a strong effect from some of the material you have and perform it well a couple of times for different people, and let them talk. They will beg, mock, and beg some more to get you to do it again. Don't. And see what happens. ;)

  13. Based off of the fact that you are fourteen, I highly doubt that this statement is as true as you believe it is when compared to others' experiences and skill.

    The answer to your question - how to take your magic to the next level - can only be answered if you have made the decision necessary: What type of magic do you want to do?

    You said you, at this moment, wish to pursue a career in Christian ministry for children - a noble career - however, that eliminates at least Mentalism from your possible choices, as Mentalism is often performed through displays of precognition or telekinetic powers, which is not something I would imagine is godly and church-friendly, but rather seen as unholy and satanic.

    Therefore, I would recommend these categories of magic for you:
    1. Visual card magic
    2. "Object" or "General" magic

    The first, as defined by myself, are card tricks that often involve gimmicked or gaffed cards - tools that will make the performance key, letting you weave in stories of moral importance or Bible stories. Also, the entire visual aspect of it is absolutely necessary for children - often times, card magic that is performed for adults will bore the children, as they do not care so much for the normal "plot" that standard tricks follow.

    The second is defined by myself as such:
    Magic that uses props other than cards (at least not as the main prop)- things like rope magic, sponge balls, tricks incorporating handkerchiefs, coins (although coin magic rather incapacitates the performer's ability to link the trick with patter than corresponds with a Bible verse, story, etc), gimmicked jugs, and other such tricks.

    I would first choose which magic you wish to specialize in, and then purchase the fundamental books to the respective category or categories (as you may wish to excel in both fields), and possibly some modern-day DVDs that have ideas, tricks, etc. not thoroughly explained or mentioned in the books.

    Hope I helped.
  14. I don't think that anyone has pointed this out on this forum but you don't always need to show your classmates the tricks when they want them. You want them wanting more. I believe that Wayne Houchin pointed that out before as well as many others. Eventually, if you show a trick to many times, they will get bored of it or solve it.
    Good Luck.
  15. Practice, Practice, Practice. Unless you've somehow mastered every effect in those books, then you've got plenty of material.
  16. The effects aren't losing any effect. Preform to others instead of your mates.

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