How do you carry around your Digital Dissolve coins?

A pocket...

I don't personally own Digital Dissolve but wouldn't a pocket suffice, especially if you are doing street magic with them (pulling out a coin purse on a street is less casual but would be appropiate for a show/table hopping/clsoe-up).

Dec 5, 2007
i dont think it really matters if you pull it out of a coin purse or not. yes, pulling it straight out of your pocket looks more natural but nobody is gonna care what they come out of. its just what makes you feel more comforable.

hope this helps....
Mar 29, 2008
Good point Sean - but leave it to a forum for the first guy to pipe in to have NO experience with the actual effect.
Oct 24, 2007
I merely just carry it around in it's little metal case. I usually explain that the coins are special to me because the half dollar was given to me by my grandfather who passed away, and the English penny is from my aunt when she went to Great Britain. Then I say that I want to show them (spectators) something great that I can do with them and I can accomplish it (the trick) because the coins are so special to me.

But, as stated before, does it really matter how you pull it out? No, it really shouldn't, which is why I just keep them in their case.

Sep 1, 2007
Ok, there might have been a little misunderstanding here. I'm not worrying about how I pull the coin out or if its suspicious or what.

I'm asking for somewhere to put them so they do not get damaged and stay in good condition. I don't know...I just think putting them in your pants pocket isn't that good for the shell.

Sean- yes, a coin purse would do. That's a start.

Good point Sean - but leave it to a forum for the first guy to pipe in to have NO experience with the actual effect.

What do you mean?
Sep 1, 2007
Leicester, UK
I also use the little tin it comes in. Being from the UK I can have the excuse of carrying an american coin as a gift and an old english one as a cool item I found in my attic.

I've never had anyone question the tin, I bring it out, take out the coins and put it away. Do the effect, have the coins examined and put them away. :)

If you don't care, neither will they. A coin purse is something nicer than a tin in my opinion, but it's upto you in the end; we're all different.

- Sean
Mar 29, 2008
What I meant was - only in a forum do you ask a question and some guy (tsaro..) who doesn't even OWN the effect and gimmicks - decides to pipe in! Like Ortiz said - you ask a questoin on second dealing - and 30 guys give opinions...when in the world, there is less than a handful of guys qualified to answer.

FORUMS - defined - The compilation of uneducated opinions - with a few exceptions - I wish it was the other way around.

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