How Do You Come Up With Names For Effects?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I like coming up with cool effects, but the only thing I can't come up with is a cool name to go with it. Such as if its a popping trick I can only think of pop or jump. I get tired of sitting there for ages trying to think of a name, I mean Zach Mueller is clearly a genius with names, Fontaine, Marbles they're great and unique.

    Please help and thanks guys :D
  2. I name my trick's weird almost like an abstract fell to them, even if the word mean's the same and it just sound's cooler i go with that, so if it is a jump effect i would try "Divebomb" "Leaper" or "Plunge".
  3. This is just my personal opinion, but I think that while an tricks should have a cool name, they should relate to the effect. For example, Colorblind is a brilliant name for the routine. Something like Fontaine, on the other hand, is just cool for being cool. I try not to be too over-cliched with my trick names. I have a sandwich trick called Hostage, but I'd just as soon call it Sandwich Trick 1. Don't be afraid to go simple.
  4. I still need help, please reply guys :(
  5. I think most people just find something that sounds cool and go with it... I usually try to break down the effect. Who, what, where, when and why was it inspired? Then get basic words that describe the effect and to be more elaborate you can look up synonyms of the word.

    Hope that helps,

  6. I've had a bit of experience in this department, mostly with larger illusions BUT. . .

    The first thing that must be considered is the actual piece;
    * What Materials/Props Are Used
    * What's the Storyline Behind the Effect?
    * Is There a Cultural Background to the Bit?

    With the larger scaled illusions I've worked on the solutions were simple "Shadow Vision" was so named because the casting of a shadow was a big part of the effect. Kenny's "Impalement" was again, simple to name because of the key thing that happened in the effect which ties to my own "Joker's Wild" and "Gypsy Hand" routines. In each example we're looking at the things set into the effect itself and in the case of Joker's Wild & the Gypsy Hand, we have a back-story that sets the mood around the illusion.

    I've been playing with a new effect recently that was just named (like two weeks ago) "The Angle Box". I'll not go into too much detail, but it gets its name from the fact that the Kabalistic Sigils representing the Archangels of the 4 quarters (north, south, east & west) are carved into (burnt) the old box being used.

    The effect itself exploits the legendary power of these angels and their ability to contain and imprison malevolent entities . . . the box in question being akin to the sci-fi ghost collection box used in Ghost Busters, just more primitive.

    Another example however, is a Rapping Hand I developed some time back, that is named after a very real Egyptian High Priest; the box that holds the hand is obviously, Egyptian and so it makes sense that I borrowed from that culture and the main character in the back story for the name of the effect . . . had I leaned on Native American or Japanese cultures the name would come from those influences instead. . . in that I'll never change the background of this effect to be anything other than Egyptian there is no reason to worry about those other elements. If I were to do so however, and the routine and packaging was the same, then the new version would have its culturally appropriate name with a foot note or secondary heading that denotes the effect it is based on.

    So look at the effect you are trying to create and ask yourself what the best, easy to remember name is that fits said piece. Maybe jot down five or six different names and narrow that list down either by way of vote/opinion of a few trusted souls, or simply by way of your own habit and how you refer to the effect over time.

    If the effect is a variation to someone elses piece you can always incorporate their name into the effect name such as we find in bits like Einstein's Quandary or The Trick That Fooled Houdini.

    Think about it, you already have the solution to this question you've just got to trust your gut.
  7. You may be over-thinking it too, it would be good to have something that relates to the effect, as you mention popping, so simple probably works just fine. I assume you ask because you plan on marketing the effect, since generally only other magicians will even hear the name and personally the description would reel me in more than a fancy name.
  8. Let JB decide for
  9. mmm...mine come from many sources, music, books, movies...I think names sometimes doesn´t have to be related to the long as it sounds cool to you (but not pretensious, like putting Prometheus to a double lift) you can go with it...

    Some names of my tricks include

    -King Of Nowhere..
    -Son Of A Thief Wallet
    - Thorn
    -The Rage Staff
    -Nine In Numbers

    Grab inspiration from wherever you need...and have fun!!!
  10. maybe a name like nova
    or moak
  11. I think it always depends on if you want the name of the trick to relate to it or if it should just sound good.
    When I try to come up with a name that relates to the trick then I try to find out where the main stunner for the spectators happens and then I try to describe that moment with just one or two words (often it is a absctract non existing word that I made up out of parts of two or three words). In case I just want a cool sounding name which doesn't really relate to the trick then I just try to get as much inspiration as I can by hearing music, watching videos or looking through different magazines..etc. and then just come up with some abstract words or find a addicting word.
    That's how I come up with my names, hope this helped.

  12. Thats cool

    Also to everybody else the pop trick idea was just an example, I'm trying to create one but I have more of a secret effect going on :)
  13. I don't put a lot of thought into the names. The names are just a cataloging system for me. So the trick that seems like a sandwich but isn't, is called the Anti-Sandwich. The trick where the spectator makes a wish using a coin is the Wish Coin. So on, so forth. I don't really think that spending a long time coming up with names is a good use of my time so I just go simply.
  14. My only advice would be to avoid revealing the trick with the name. Names like "Topit Vanish" and "Tenkai Palm Shift" could give more away than you'd like.
  15. I've always been a fan of giving names that hint at the method. Like the swing change by Daniel Madison.
  16. I try to stick with one word names that sum up the "punchline" of the trick.

    I have a bottle cap into sealed water bottle trick that I call "Submerge".
    I have a card through window effect that I call "Untouchable".

    You really only need to name your tricks if you plan on releasing them.
  17. Usually, we start by making a list of words that Liam Neeson says in Taken. Then, we make a list of words that sound really cool, like Jaguar, Tornado, Avocado, and Vortex. Then, we ask ourselves what that word would sound like if spoken by Liam Neeson, doing an impression of Morgan Freeman. If it sounds really cool, then we decide on it right then and there.

    Haha - just kidding. The real answer is a lot of time and consideration, wanting the name to be something relevant to the effect, memorable, and different. Typically, it's the last thing we decide on after all of the important stuff is resolved, just before filming.
  18. Ha! That sounds about right! We take a good amount of time going back and forth discussing name ideas. When I create a flourish though, I just ask JB. Within a few seconds, he comes up with something cool. I think he has created a name generator device and hid it somewhere - I have yet to find this machine of sorcery...
  19. to me, the best way to come up with a name is to understand your motivation for the effect and what you are trying to achieve. I'm not gonna lie, some effect with the koolest names are the crappiest. And some with simple names, are awesome.
  20. I'm totally stealing this process!!!

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