How do you deal with clicking cards?

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  1. I always have this problem, and I'm sure some of you have experienced this, too. Sometimes, usually after taking them out of my pocket or a bag, the cards have this annoying bend in them, so if you push the center of the deck, they bow in, and make a clicking noise. If I release, they will stay bowed outwards, or they will immideately jump back. I hate, when this happens, and even if I do the usual break-in procedure (some springs by the short and long edges face up and face down), they will still have this concave bow in them. If I play around with the cards for maybe half an hour, the bow will eventually disappear.
    I would be interested about why this thing happens, and how to avoid or deal with it.
    Thanks in advance:
  2. The cards heat up and warp. When they are made in the factory, they are kept at a certain temperature to keep this from happening. Let them sit for a few days and it will go away.

    Your best bet is a porper clip. I don't have one, but I do have a stainless steel clip from E. If I put the cards in that, I can keep them in my back pocket all day without them getting that bend. A porper clip will be even better! Your cards will also last longer!
  3. This is great advice, but if you do not have a Porper clip then grab some heavy books and place them on top of the deck and leave it for a few days. If it's hot outside, it's not a good idea to keep them inside your pockets because your pockets heat up which will warp the cards; like Rob said above. Heat is not a good friend to playing card stock. Keep them in a cool place such as your house and away from sunlight to avoid warpage of the cards. Back to my class!

  4. Sounds like a HOT/COLD issue. Too much heat will do it, and too much cold will do it. Porper Clip!
  5. I agree, and thanks for getting that stupid Katy Perry song stuck in my head! lol
  6. My pleasure
  7. didn't Dave Buck post a method for fixing a click bend awhile back on their forums? It consisted of something like doing a perfect faro cards face up and face down and then putting them in a porper and then in the freezer for a couple hours... im gonna have to find that post
  8. Thanks a lot! I also have an Ellusionist Ghost clip, and I a wondering, what is the difference between an E cip, and a Porper clip? Maybe it adds more pressure?

    I am searching the D&D forums, and I found a post by Nick Ahn, who suggests to faro the cards face up into face down, and the click bend will disappear. I will try this out!
  9. Porper clips are supposed to be much better. I'm grabbing one before christmas!
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    porpers are specifically designed to apply even and exact pressure that to a certain degree can lengthen the life of your deck. THEY ARE NOT miracle workers, but what they will do is prevent warping, straighten minor bends and bevels, and Most importantly keep your cards safe for travel. In contrast the E clips tend to do more damage than good in the long run. i used a E clip a few years ago and it ended up destroying the box, and just bending so it didn't even hold the cards well. In contrast, my two Classic Clips are better than ever and lengthen the life of my decks by an extra couple of weeks at least. The are very nice.
  11. True that.

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