How do you guys practice?

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  1. Hi guys. I am relatively new to cardistry with only about 6-7 months of practicing and I wanted to know how you guys do it. Do you set certain days to practice certain moves? What would be a good approach at learning moves?
  2. how I approach creating moves is by finding a tutorial on a flourish you like and start learning it and about 1/3 of the way in I try and do different moves in the flourish and make it my of my favourite creations was made by doing that.hope you try it
  3. I see. Interesting, but I do not believe I am at the point of making flourishes my own yet. I am still at the point where I learn them the way the creator intended them to be. I will keep this advice in mind though.
  4. Hey cook,
    so you should write down a list of all the flourishes you want to learn, then start with the top get used to it, usaully takes about an hour or two. then keep going down after you have a general idea leave it for a couple of hours. then come back to it with new inspiration and go through the list for 6 7 hours! thats just one of the ways i practice!
  5. Cool I'll try this one. Do you do this everyday?
  6. Hey Cook, thanks for posting this I wanted to ask a pretty much similar question. Do you guys practice one move at a time? I mean, do you practice something until you get to do it perfectly, or you move on learning new stuff and continue practicing old things you've learned? Thanks!
  7. i usually practice any time i can get my hands on cards. also i have 3 main stages of practicing: 1.form 2. speed 3. blindfolded.
  8. Usually i find a flourish i want to learn and i perform it slowly until i know it then i do it over and over again until it is just natural and very smooth and also faster. I also practice when i'm watching TV or whenever i have some time and cards.
    If the flourish is really long then i'll do the same but just split it in 3 or 2 parts.

    , ilusiv3
  9. CookYourself,

    I don't practice. Nope, I learn how something is done and I can immediately go out there and do it for crowds of thousands without embarrassing myself. It's true. I know, you're asking yourself how is it others have to practice for hundreds of hours before they are able to accomplish the same thing?

    Good question.

    Let me explain. I was born on the wee early morning of Dec 12th, and on this particular day and time the andromeda galaxy was properly aligned with Alpha Lyrae.


    No, no...wait a second. That was a dream I had 6 years ago, my apologies.

    Anyway, I just practice something that I've learned until I am sick and tired of it, put it down for a while...rinse and repeat. Things have taken me mere hours to master, to several years, and everything in between. You'll pick up somethings faster than others, so practice extra hard on the things that give you problems and practice even harder on the things you excel at.

    - Steve
  10. You don't need a scheduele, unless you're really tight on free time. Just practice anytime you can get your hands on cards. I would suggest learning the mechanics of 2 to 3 new flourishes and practicing them until you perfect them, while also going back to the things you already know from time to time. Unfortunately, you didn't mention at what exact stage you are with your flourishing, you only mentioned that you've been practicing just over half a year, so I can't accurately recommend your most realistic next step, but you can't really go wrong with Genesis vol. 2, The trilogy or De'vo's Xtreme Beginnerz vol. 2.
    Also, someone mentioned a blindfold and although that's a pretty good idea, you don't need an actual blindfold; if you can do the flourish perfectly with your eyes shut or while looking away 5 out of 5 times, that's a good indicator you got really good with it and maybe you should direct most of your attention towards something else.
    Good luck!
  11. @PurpleMustache dropping cards and having to pick them up must suck when you're practicing in the blindfolded stage. Interesting approach though. I will give that a try.

    @HaveOuts aww I really wanted to read what happened on the early morning of December 12 when the andromeda galaxy was properly aligned with Alpha Lyrae.

    @renome I'm not sure exactly how to tell you what stage I am at flourishing. I guess I would answer that by saying that I'm still at the stage of learning the moves of others and not yet creating my own. The last flourish I tried to learn was the Jackson 5 from Trilogy. It seems challenging enough to keep my busy for a while. I memorized it, but I can't get it done smoothly, especially in phase 2 (Sybilism). I suppose practice is the only way to fix this
  12. Dan and Dave said that they practiced 'at least' 8-10 hours a day (on school days) and had a mental schedule. It is sort of good to get into a routine but you should obviously be doing cardistry because you enjoy it, not because you feel you have to.

    To practice, I just split the flourish into sections (unless it is really short). For example I recently learnt akira which is on the Trilogy. I have not got it as smooth as I would like yet, but I practiced the Tornado part, and got that smooth, then once you have that down, practice the rest. But at the end of the day it is just practice. :D
  13. i practice the sybil cut lately (i know pretty easy but im new) and i am also a cuber so i have that approach to it as well, i sit down put music on and then just practice til i cant get i wrong :)
  14. What sybil do you practice?

    I practice all day( yesterday I practiced 9 hours, I was taking time), I have really ****y cards, that I take everywhere. I do flourishes when watch TV, play computer, I go out with cards. I love it.
  15. don't really know just found a tut on youtube :3 i think it's the most barebones version
  16. I typically practice every day in front of a mirror or camera. Recording yourself on camera is especially helpful because you can watch yourself the way others see you - and improve your weaknesses accordingly.


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