How do you perform at school?

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  1. How do you get performing at school? I am primarily a card magicican and was wondering how people get out a deck of cards out casually at school.
  2. Ask them if they want to see a magic trick, works for me all the time.
  3. Take out the cards, and start doing some springs and flourishes. That should arouse interest.
  4. Do a trick for just one kid, he will tell his friends, they will tell their friends, and so on. One thing I did once was I staged it with one of my friends. When the other kids saw what I was doing, the came over by themselves. At that point, the process was the same. Dont take performing in school lightly. It single-handedly made me one of the most popular kids in my high school while in my freshman year.
  5. First of all, do not let magic define you. You also want them to see you as a human being too. If you do that, you are going to get a big award meaning that once they look back, "Oh yeah, this magician happens to be a friend of mine". Anyway, to answer your question, I agreed with the other posts above me, do some card flourishes and try to walk around in the cafeteria during lunch and say, "Hi, my name is (insert name) and I was wondering if I can show you something". Works all the time.
  6. for me i just mess around with cards all the time in school and ppl just ask me all the time to do tricks
  7. they come to me. build up a reputation and they will come to you.

  8. They have come to me ever since I started high school... I worked hard at building my rep since day 1.
  9. I perform at about a C average. Teachers dont really like me..
  10. Thats how it is now. Build it dude but be carefull remember your off days and such? People will still come up to you and you need to also be firm and not perform like a monkey 24/7

    Students are IMO always impressed by a spring haha.

  11. This has been something I have been thinking about making a topic on. I go to a very small school where everyone knows everyone and Im quite popular (sorry to sound arrogent, Ive been going to the school since pre-k). But I have been thinking if I just randomly break out a deck of cards people are going to be like what the heck and probably will think it is weird and not want to see it.

    Writing this has made me realize a few things.
    One tip would be to ask people that you know will say yes, people that don't care what people think. Then word will spread and people will think better of your card magic.

    Forgive me if this sounds incredibly shallow lol.
  12. 1. Standing around doing dribbles and flourishes is the last thing you want to do. A kid sitting alone flourishing is the equivolent of a kid playing with a Rubiks Cube in some corner. a) people wont approach you if youre flourishing alone as you just seem lonerish. b) people will think you are weird if youre with friends but just flourishing alone.

    2. You dont want to build a reputation as "that guy who does magic" you want "my friend who is also a magician" First make friends and once in a while show them a trick. soon others will see you performing as well. But dont just be the guy who showed them something cool. As you are at school, they are bound to see you again. When they see you again, theyll only be like "HEY MAGICIAN SHOW ME SOMETHING COOL". Make friends with whoever you perform for. Then show them one or two things once in a while that just blows their mind hole. That will leave a much better impression of that kid who keeps coming to show us tricks.
    I know this one kid who does not socialize that much personally and just tries to perform 24/7 every recess and break he would walk around the Caf or what ever asking people if they would want to see trick. its great if he was working in a restaurant, but this is school. Now people call him "that kid magician guy". And most people get bored of him cause he comes way too often.
  13. "My friend who is a magician" over "The magician who is my friend".

  14. Honestly, at first I only did magic for my friends, but I guess word spread because it seems everyone knows I do magic now. Some kid in my math class told everyone that I know every
  15. This post pwns all other posts
  16. If you are saying that teachers don't like it then perform after school, thats' usually what I do.
    My freshman year, I guess nobody had ever seen magic in my school and I was literally surrounded by my whole school, watching me do an ambitious card routine, classic!!
  17. I dont.
    Labels will kill you.
  18. I should really start to perform at school. I don't know whats wrong with me. Maybe the word will spread since I perform at a party and there was some people form my school there.
  19. I think he is asking about how to take a deck out casually and have a reason not how to get people to ask the see something. Is that clear or did I explain it badly?

    Anyway I would just act like you just remembered that you have a deck in your bag saying ''Oh wait I have a deck in my bag from yesterday'' (make up a story for why you had them in your bag yesterday e.g someone gave you a deck of cards and you a deck and you through them in your bag or some story like that.
  20. Thanks ;)

    But it really is an important post. VisualArtist just pointed out, being labelled is not the way to go :cool:


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