How Do You Read?

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  1. Just a quick poll here. I would just like to hear how you guys read magic books. I personally read through and take notes. Then re-read the book and work through the material and use the props. So, how do you read?
  2. For most books, I read them through once, cover to cover, taking mental notes of things that I like. Pick them up a couple of years later and skim them trying to remember the things that I liked the first time I read them. Other books (primarily Card College and Tarbell), I use as references because I haven't had time to read them cover to cover.

    I also will research an effect typically using the Behr Archive (, MagicPedia, the Genii Forums or the Cafe, and then read the various versions in the books in my library. I was actually doing this with Out of the World yesterday -- I found versions in Card Control, Mastering the Art of Magic, Art of Astonishment, Relaxed Impossibilities and Card College Light.
  3. I prefer to work through a book slowly trying to work through each effect so that I understand exactly how it works. When possible and if it seems doable I will try an effect on a family member or friend. After I have read through the book thoroughly it goes on my shelf and I use it a reference. Because I prefer to be thorough I hate poorly written books and tend to be fairly picky with the books that I select.
  4. My process for reading a book is very similar to those mentioned already. To add to the discussion, I personally use a rating system in my books. I also write in my own books, so if you like keeping the books pristine, then maybe use Post it flags or something similar.

    My rating system goes as follows; 1 Star = I either don't like the trick or it is something I wouldn't do. 2 Stars = interesting trick, probably didn't fly off the page right away, but I want to remember it for future reference. 3 Stars = Possible keeper. I want to learn this trick.

    This will also help you track how much your interests change over time, which is just spiffy, in my opinion.

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