How does my Promotional Video look?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AceHoudin, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Hey nice start!

    Pictures look fine. I would remove lower quality images and make it shorter. Also you have some font issues. Pick one font and use it the entire way through. The bubble fonts near the beginning look cheap and do not help what you are going for. Also the opening blue background looks cheap too. Perhaps a solid color with a testimony quote would be a nice intro.
    Try to have all the pictures fit on the screen and then pan or zoom etc, but try to avoid the close up pan shots. It makes the image too blurry.

    There is a bit of a continuity problem in the pictures that you can slowly change over time as you get more pictures. You are performing for kids and the pictures are bright and colorful, and then the video has dark images and performing for the elderly. I would suggest trying to keep all the pictures bright and fun, or dark and classy etc depending on what you are going for.

    Great start though! Keep at it!
  2. you may not have any but I feel performance videos are a must nowadays. People are used to seeing flashy magic on TV and youtube and you want to tap into that.

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