How does one make loops?

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  1. Hey guys, I was just wanted to know how to make some loops. These things are very expensive and I hear there are ways to make them. I, however, cannot find out how to make loops. Is there a system for making loops? Help me out here.
  2. yea but you need to purchase your own invisible thread. Ellusionist has a 100ft spool for 20 bucks. after that if you want you can go shell out another 20 bucks at penguin and they will tell you some amazing way how to tie loops but when i make mine i take a piece of printer paper and then line up as many 9 inch strands of thread on it as i can ( with enough space in between) and i then light a candle and wait a little bit after that i blow out the candle give it a second to cool off and then i dip the sides of the thread in hot wax thus making them visible and easy to tie. once you tie off the loop use scissors to cut the wax parts off.
  3. Where do I find this "amazing way to tie loops" on penguin? It must've disappeared (damn magicians). I'm really having a hard time finding it.
  4. This is wut you need on Penquin magic to tie loop: The Million Dollar Knot
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