How Has Magic Changed Over Time Through The Use Of Film & TV?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm a 3rd year university student studying film production in the UK and I have to do a research module.

    I'm researching 'How Has Magic Changed Over Time & The Use Of Magic Throughout Film'.

    I was trying to get a lot of primary research and opinions from you guys, don't limit yourself to only talking about Film & TV, everything you have opinion wise on this will be greatly helpful and appreciated.

    Thanks you!
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  2. Here's something that might be useful. It's Penn talking about TV magic and camera tricks:
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  3. Is that one topic about how magic in the use of film has changed or two separate topics about how magic has changed and a separate unrelated topic of magic in film?
  4. It will be both individual which will be incorporated into one for the report :)

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