How I introduce Sentinels (the only deck I now use)

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    Hiya Gang!

    Well, this isn't one of my usual essays, but it might help those that have picked up a deck of Sentinels.

    I have never really been a fan (get it? fan? cards, you know, fan, ahem. never mind) of custom decks. I'm not knocking people who love them- they've just never been for me. But I've done close to 25 gigs with them now (not to mention Magic Fridays and day to day use) and I can now say that they're the only cards I use. Why?

    Well, they're cool. It's kind of hard to explain so let me just give you my pitch for when I bring them out...

    "Word! You guys love card tricks, yeah? Who doesn't! Here...let me show you some things that will change your life forever. Prepare for mind blowage. Okay seriously, check these out. I just picked these cards up in New York City. They're called Sentinels and they're the most expensive cards in the world. You know why? Strangely enough, it's because they're black. And black cards are hard to find. That and the fact that these were designed by that design firm Hatch. I'm sure you've heard of it. Okay, enough name dropping. Do me a favour and shuffle them- BUT BE CAREFUL! For Pete's sake, they cost a fortune and I only bring them out for people I like..."

    Analyzing patter:

    "New York City" ~ This is always cool for someone in Canada. It also says that I've just been there and, as a result must be a high roller.
    "most expensive cards in the world" ~ Further helping my high roller status.
    "black cards are hard to find" ~ I must know secret places to buy cards that regular people can't. Exclusivity=cool.
    "designed by Hatch" ~ blatant name dropping that I address with a laugh. Effective though as as it's an easy name to remember and can be Googleable.
    "I only bring them out for people I like" ~ Flattery will get you everywhere.

    Now what makes these work, believe it or not, is the box. If you have a deck you already know what I mean. It's because of the texture. Without fail, every time I hand the box to someone (I let them remove the cards) they all raise their eyebrows a smudge, because of the boxes feel. no kidding. It actually feels like they cost more. Once they're out of the box, you're golden as well, because the faces aren't some crazy color. They just look just slightly different enough to give the impression of exclusivity.

    So there you go. Just a fun bit of fascinating reading by your truly, lol. Okay, well that probably gives you more insight into how much I analyze every single minute detail of my life, lol, but you need to trust me on this. They're awesome.

    That's it!

    All my best,

    Jamie D. Grant


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  2. I enjoyed that.
  3. Nice essay, Jamie! My very first deck of Sentinels are on the way, I just got a bit more pumped over them now.

    "I only bring them out for people I like" <-- Do you use this line everytime even when it's for strangers and companies you've never performed for before (now that's a lot of "for")? I'm not sure I could pull that one of in a believable manner, I'd probably go with "I only bring them out for rare (or special) occasions" instead.
  4. The sentinels are black ?
  5. The card itself is white. The back design is black. If they were black like black tigers or shadow masters, I would have never bought them. BLACK ellusionist cards I think are ugly as hell.

    Huge thanks to theory11 for not producing cards of that nature
  6. I think I may have to pick up some custom cards after reading that essay...
  7. "Word! You guys love card tricks, yeah? Who doesn't! Here...let me show you some things that will change your life forever. Prepare for mind blowage. Okay seriously, check these out. I just picked these cards up in New York City. They're called Sentinels and they're the most expensive cards in the world. You know why? Strangely enough, it's because they're black. And black cards are hard to find. That and the fact that these were designed by that design firm Hatch. I'm sure you've heard of it. Okay, enough name dropping. Do me a favour and shuffle them- BUT BE CAREFUL! For Pete's sake, they cost a fortune and I only bring them out for people I like..."

    Though you seem to have thought this out that doesn't mean everyone will believe you. And I feel that you are building yourself up for something bad. When you first start out you say "You guys love card tricks yeah? Who doesn't!" I wouldn't speak for my audience and what if they say no to liking card tricks. I think above all it would make them feel a bit uncomfortable holding and shuffling your cards. Think about it this way, it is like holding a huge stack of plates. You are worried to screw up and drop them or something of the sort. It would only add so much tension. It is so much easier just to use normal cards.

    But that is my personal opinion.
  8. lol seriously??? "the only deck u now use?" you have got to be kidding me....Anyways.... enjoy paying your 8+ dollars per deck to look "kewl"....
    Is also comical how in your "essay" you fail to point out the negative aspects of "special" cards....
    I rather take credit than the deck...Now let us hear the truth....

    "New York City" ~ You love the USA (btw say L.A next time...waaaay better")
    "most expensive cards in the world" ~ You pay big money because they are special cards...special trick cards that do magic...You cant do that with regular cards...otherwise why pay so much...
    "black cards are hard to find" ~ no they are not.... Click Here...
    "designed by Hatch" ~ they think "They design trick decks now?" gotcha....
    "I only bring them out for people I like" Everyone likes a great liar....

    I have yet to see pro's with custom cards....ignoring those who are obviously promoting the decks themselves....
  9. Who are you to judge what another's comfortable expense is? Do you know how much he makes, how much he needs to live on, and how much expendable income he has in a month? I've had dinner with people who smoke cigars that cost as much per cigar as what I make in half a weeks worth of work.

    Such as what? Disconnection with your audience because they believe the deck to be gaffed? This is the only major argument I hear against custom decks. The deck doesn't and shouldn't make the magic. They only complement it. If you know how to theme a deck to your style of performance it becomes nothing more than a tool in your hands.

    Now you're resorting to childish slander? Oh how elite you must be sir, how elite indeed. I would expect better of you. If your going to talk the talk, then walk the walk.

    I am a Pro. I use Sentinels. Mr. Grant is a pro, as does he. I am sure I can, with minimal research, provide you a much longer list of names I'm sure you'd recognise too. Get off your high horse.
  10. I don't have a problem with "clever" people who overpay money at all.... I just found it ridiculous that is all..
    And who am I?

    I am an Elite Prestidigitator...
    Not Just that...I am essentially an Elite in Life....
    The product of a superior education...I am a Role Model's Role Model
    I am what we all should strive to be...
    I can’t be outsmarted...I am flawless..I do not allow failure.
    I posses superior Card knowledge....

    Yes the deck is a trick deck...That is essentially the biggest negative aspect...They also take away from the performer....The deck is doing the magic not you... Regardless of what you do as soon as laymen see that weird looking deck they will start to suspect it...they suspect regular decks too why give them more to work with....Also if you are not on my level..good luck doing that pass....yes they will focus harder...

    Not slander...I was merely pointing out what laymen really think about the patter...not what his biased persona wishes they think...

    If a poll was opened you would find out that less than 7% use T11 or Ellusionist decks.....Just go to a convention and take a look...Don't go to the Dan and Dave booth.....
  11. I really don't think you want to do this with me Elite. Your pretentious attitude won't work with me, I will tear you appart from one end of this forum to the other, and you know it too. Last warning kid- Drop this inflated ego with me.
  12. I really wanted to refrain from saying much from this thread, but I will say these in fear of some of the newer members actually taking this kid seriously.

    I do not support either pro-custom deck nor anti-custom deck. Ultimately the choice will be up to you. Is it too costly for you? That's fine. You think it's worth the money? That's fine too.

    This will put some things into perspective.

    I use about a deck of bike per month. That costs about $1.36 a month.
    My Ghosts last about 3 months. 4.99 + shipping, let's make it 6 for the sake of ease of calculation. That's 2 dollars a month.
    Does 64 cents make that much difference to me? No. The whole it costs too much claim is flawed unless they are indeed at same quality. Placebo? Let it be so, heck. Some clinical researches for medicines show 30% improvement on placebo group, and that's big. But you know what? If it makes the cards last longer, I see no problem with that.

    Also, the fear of "whatever doesn't seem like normal deck of card will alarm the audience" is wrongly placed. News flash, folks. People know other deck designs exists aside from Bikes. Hell, I met a girl who had more different types of deck than I owned (which did surprised me btw, she ain't magician). People guy cards from various places like dollar stores, used casino cards, walgreens, wal-mart, online, etc. etc., and they are aware of different kinds. If you just present it as "just another one of those decks" it will be fine. I love my ghost, I love 1st gen S&M, all served me well in performances everywhere.

    I will leave my soup box for now, though I do have few more things I wanted to say.
    Just do what you think will work for you. If it doesn't, then it doesn't. Don't be afraid of trying new things.

    p.s. I noticed this may not be the best thread to post this on... but oh well...
    p.p.s. Happy hunting Draven... I support you for bringing him back down to earth.
  13. I gotta agree with Draven. The only way a customized deck brings creates suspicion is if YOU present it in a way that causes it. I use custom decks all the time. They only serve for visual appeal, and if someone finds a way to make the design play into the presentation it should be a plus and and not bashed. If someone is that suspicious of everything you're doing, you might as well just finish up the trick your performing and be on ur way. I think thats wut happens when you think WAY to deeply about the performance. We forget that a typical laymen have no idea wuts goin in ur hands. We forget that they cant spot a proper double lift like we could or the motion of a pass. So try to remember THAT aspect and not worrying about covering your ass down to the point your only sticking to regular bikes to play into the deception...
  14. I am an adult miss....

    wrong....The cards do not last three months....That is where the path to the fail conclusion starts....
    The cards last as much as you want them to last....The reason you think they last longer is because you payed 6$ usd for them...
    like anything else you will handle expensive cards in a different way....You do not want your money to go to waste so you wash your hands maybe? You don't spring them? you do not waterfall shuffle them? You don't practice with them? ect....

    the truth is they are made of the same material as regular 1$ cards and someone who does not care about money will destroy them just as he would a 1$ deck of cards....

    your point = invalid

    Actually the majority of laymen are familiar with bicycle reds....They associate them with magicians because magicians use bicycle reds...The moment you introduce unfamiliar cards you introduce suspicion....and like I said...laymen will suspect bicycle reds at times too....the difference is they have maybe handled them and seen them before so there is a slight chance of changing their minds...

    I have a better one.... "do what has been done me it works" -Elite Prestidigitation

  15. Okay, I'll agree with you a deck of masters (or other E decks) won't last 3 months for me, more like 2. A regular deck of bikes lasts me a week.

    Now, for the you don't do this speech. I do everything that you said we don't do. I almost never wash my hands before using my deck, but I will say that they don't have chocolate pudding smothered on them either. I do lots of springs, dribbles, and I also perform lots of waterfall shuffles. I even practice the hotshot cut with it.

    Nuff said.

    ps. why isn't he banned yet, isn't this place supposed to be a HELPFUL community?
  16. Then start acting like one.
  17. This is great.

    (munching popcorn)

    And for everyone who feels like they're being brought down by someone, don't worry about it, the haters are more often doing you a favour. So have fun and go get the gig!

    (Shepard Fairey talking about haters)
  18. I'm relatively new to the forum, so I can't comment much, but I'd be very surprised to find that Elite Prestidigitation is any older than 20 years old. That's not meant to be an insult in any way, but the way his posts read is somewhat comical given the juxtaposition of arrogance and pretentiousness with poor grammar and sentence construction.

    As for the main subject, I've never really understood the fear of using non-Bicycle decks. I frequently switch out cards, including Bikes, Bees, Bike 125s, Brown Wynns... I don't get questions about the deck. If anything, I introduce the deck in a similar way as the OP does: "I'm pretty excited about these new cards I got—they're very hard to find and the quality's great." I then let the spectator handle the cards as I'm showing them off. It's all a matter of confidence. If you show "normal" cards to the spectator, then they are in fact normal to the spectator.
  19. I've come across people like this "Elite yadayadayada" guy several times before in my role as admin/mod on other boards, and my best advice would be that we all just stop responding to his posts. Everytime you give him attention he probably jumps around his living room out of joy. Don't give him that.
  20. Oh C`mon!! I actually think is fun to have somebody like him...It gives some spice to this forums...I always take his posts as a joke (except when he gives some real advice) ...I don`t really get angry at him, it`s an internet forum...I just laugh and play harm done...

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