How I look after 9 months of Cardistry

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  1. Junior year kicked in, so my activity on here abated, but I'm glad that there's always something being discussed that I can jump back into.

    I made this video as a sort of "progress report" after learning some cardistry for 9 months (I hail from card magic so I had a rudimentary foundation). Some moves I feel I can do consistently smooth; others not so much! Any feedback welcome.

    For discussion, let me know how long you've been doing cardistry, and if you want to show a progress report as I have done I'd love to see it! Flourish on.
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  2. I was wondering where you went.

    The video looks pretty good, especially considering it's only been 9 months. Once you acquire a more vast assortment of moves, you'll be able to construct videos with moves that go well with a theme and music. For example, the multitude of hot shots and deck flips didn't really sit right with the music. It seemed like it would have fit with more 'flowy' flourishes; which you had a good amount of.
    Oh! And setting too. But that's all stuff for the next video, this was just a 'progress' video--I'm getting too far into it.


    I've been doing cardistry for the last year and a half. I busted my tail all last year to do a '12 month video' of all one-handed flourishes (Which is all I can do because the left hand is still injured). I tried to do something unique and original and it turned out to be too busy and doing too much in one video. Overall, it was universally disliked by a lot of the cardistry community, I pulled from Youtube, and I've been burned out ever since. Still have the video as I'm reluctant to throw away something I spent as much time as I did on it. I've been putting around with making a move, making a variant of an existing move, and working with an idea I hope to get done by the end of the year. I don't mess around with the cards NEARLY as much this year as, again, I'm pretty burned out. On top of that, I've had a lot of my focus this year into coin and prop magic and that's been going better off.
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