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  1. Hey guys :D

    My friend will be having a small birthday party (ard 20 guests) next week, and she had invited me to come along and maybe perform a couple of tricks.

    Ive nvr done any tricks to such a big groups or even small groups of strangers on the street, so i wont know what will work best. (Ohh and i think i dont know about more than half of the people at the party)

    Im thinking of starting my routine with Jeopardy by Paul Green i guess, and after that i might go into a triumph routine.
    Next up would be Clutch by Oz Pearlman, and i might be doing it with a borrowed deck. (in singapore, a fraction of youngster carries a deck everywhere they go xD)
    I will end the trick and at this point, if they request 1 last trick, i will get out another deck and do a deck switch with the first deck, and perform Election by Eric Ross.

    Hmm... i know it's a kinda long routine, but what do you guys think of it?

    Thanks :D
  2. Your going to end with an opener? Clutch is an opener, not a closer. Clutch is basicly a 'Here, pick a card, Ill find it". A closer that might be right up your ally is Jay Sankey's "In a Flash", although there are plenty of others, that just my personal favourite.

    Remember, a closer needs to leave a lasting impression, and if you ask me, fire seems to do the trick.

    Cheers, Tom
  3. yea i agree. dont close with clutch. stick that closer to the beginning. if you have sponge balls do thoes!!!! well not really as a closer, but a great opener.
    i'll start with sponge balls. then do some Eugene Burger stuff like the cut 10 trick. then i go on from there. sometimes ending with sam the bellhop or solving a rubik cube blindfolded
  4. you can almost do any effect as a closer, but you need to build it up as one. which might mean not doing the patter provided
  5. hmm, im more of a cards magician, so fire or spongeballs dont really suit me =x

    and is there really a need to define a trick as 'closer' or 'opener'?

    i think that as long as it flows well, there'd be no problem... =x

    and clutch do leave a long lasting impression, since i considered it as a "do and then leave, while leaving the spectator amazed" trick haha
  6. Most important

    The most important thing is to do routines you know with your eyes closed! Dont try and learn new routines just for this event.

    Personally I always thought the only diff between a opener and a closer is where they start. There both meant to hit you hard.

    If a so called opener works for you as a closer and it flows right with your style and routine then do it!

    I a friend of mine uses clutch for a closer and works really well(for him)! After he keeps hitting them over the head with great routines he end of course with a great routine and by then there tapping out cause there brains are fried!

    They main thing is make sure your comfy with what your doing, after that let the moment and your magic do its thing!

    Believe in your magic and so will they!

    Hope any of what I have said helps!
  7. ohh thank you michal :D

    hmm... i think i shall go as planned =x

    or maybe improvise along the way :D

    thanks again everyone~
  8. woohoo singaporean!

    always good to see a countryman here.

    hmm, a fraction of people carry decks around..? i doubt it. but at a birthday party, especially a party in a house, theres bound to be a deck lying around for people to play cards with. if you have already familiarised yourself with gambling sleights, you can give off the cuff performances on "how to control a card" and such. Stuff in the vein of a ricky jay performance. apart from that, my sentiments are shared with what everyone else has said.
  9. haha, i think my sleight and all are okay, since ive been performing for close friends during free times (and im a born joker btw, which means my performance not gonna be THAT bad) xD

    and what i meant was a small fractions, since more than half of my friends always have a deck ard since they all like to play 'big two' hahaha
  10. to tell you the truth ( half of you may be laughing about this) I start my tricks with Daley's last trick.I dunno they get caught on with the first trick lol. I end with a simple trick (if its a borrowed deck) Have a card selected lost and shuffled by the show an indifferent card. PLace the card on the table and say trick's done and you're going home. They turnover the card to see it has transformed into their card .
  11. Listen and listen close. Cuz i have seen this problem a lot throughout magic.

    Opener- A quick, amazing trick to grab the audience's attention
    The number one rule for an opener is that it must be quick. Meaning, there's little amount of time between the beginning of the trick, and the first climax. Like other have said, Clutch is a good opener. However, this trick should be the least impressive trick in you're routine.

    Middle Tricks- Fillers in between the opener and the closer.
    Middle tricks can be composed of anything you want but they must be BETTER THAN THE OPENER but NOT AS GOOD AS THE CLOSER.

    Closers- The best trick in your routine that really ends with a bang.
    This has to be the most amazing trick in your routine. If you end with a weak effect, there is no sense of progression.

    Encore- Always prepare for the possibility that the audience may want you back for more.
    This does not always happen, but sometimes a crowd will love you so much they want more. This trick is a tough one, cuz you've already used your best trick as the closer. In this case, it's best to move on to another prop (coins, mentalism, sponge balls, etc.)

    The KEY element is a good routine is a sense of progression. Each trick has to be more impressive than the last. And finally at the closer, the audience's expectation are REALLY HIGH so ending with a weak trick will completely ruin the routine.

    I know you're gonna read this and say "Ahh, this is too much work, i'll stick to my routine." Trust me, i used to be just like you, throwing random effects together without care. But once i realized that my routines weren't as effective as they should be, i knew that it was time for a change. I hope you will consider these details and really think about how you for your routine.
  12. hmm magicshadow, that was really helpful :D

    guess i should think up my routine again =/

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