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  1. i think this is quit
  2. quit what magic? I wouldn't if I was you. Those guys on your 4 ace production were giving constructive criticism. Yes they we're harsh but they were just giving advice. So take there advice on board and go work on your effect for a month. That way you now have a before and after so you can see where you have improved. Also while practicing you might come up with somthing completely new. Keep doing what you're doing. We all have to start somwhere.
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  3. You put yourself out there and you got some harsh, but fair, criticism. You can look at it like you were not meant to do this and just quit, or you can refer back to your own words: "maybe next time i shall do better.."

    Dont just "maybe" do better. DO better! You can only improve from this point forward!

    I will say one thing though: You're a brave person. You put yourself out there in front of the unforgiving eye of the camera and shared it with a community who knows what they're talking about when it comes to magic.

    Considering that you even made this thread, it shows that you really don't want to quit magic and are looking to be talked out of it. No one's going to talk you out of it. Don't focus on the negative. Look forward and move on.
  4. Hate to break it to you all but I think themagicgeek made this forum post by mistake. This post begins with "i think this is quit..." while the beginning of his next forum post entitle "not approved by theory11" has text following the video saying: "i think this is quite a good trick keeping in mind that there are so simple and trivial tricks as the dice sum prediction, simple double lift card plots etc on theory for sale. but my trick was not accepted for sale in the marketplace. is it due to low level of video recording skills? what do u think? do let me know below"
  5. Didn't catch that. I stand by my comments but perhaps a mod can take this thread down since its a mistake.
  6. i am so sorry for you guys having trouble understanding. this was a mistake. the original thread is "not approved". so yeah nothing to be discussed here.
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  7. actually i was about to write "quite an amazing trick. what do u guys think". by mistake however, i think i pressed enter and then didn't know how to find this thread and delete it. i am not quitting dude. chill
  8. Yeah, we covered that it was a mistake.

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