How long have you been a member of T11

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xdelamuertex, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Honestly, how many of us have been around since day 1 of the T11 launch? How many of us still have the first edition Guardians?:D
  2. I got here about a month and a half late.... Been here ever since. A little too long... lol

  3. too long (wordcountage)
  4. i think like a month after its launch. man thats a long time
  5. I've been here far too long. :rolleyes:

    And no, I do not own first edition Guardians.
  6. I remember when this site have only 3 tricks for sale.
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  8. Um...just check my 'Join Date', yeah ;)
  9. I am a noob all things considered. I don't really care about cards.
  10. Heh, I was just looking at my old guardian deck. They still clump just as bad as when I first opened them.
  11. Considering that your 'Join Date' says 'Dec 2007' and this site made its debut on 'Aug 2007', I believe, you were a member after approx. 5 months later, not a month, but hey, who's counting ;)

    But don't blame me, blame my OCD...these little details bother me, haha
  12. i remember the first night theory 11 opened i bought TnR and my best friend wanted Panic so we bought them and i over drafted my account :D i was in complete aw it was really cool to see this new website after always being on ellusionist. BC this place seemed different you all know what im talking about :). and the cool thing that im glad i did was i still have 2 unopened 1st edition guardians.

    Cool thread brings up good memories:D
  13. I have been here since before day one. A little after the What Is Theory11? started.
    So a very, very long time. And yes i still have the first Guardians although not all of them, but i still have the ace!

    And yes, i remember when there were like 1 or 2 DVD´s and 1 1on1, man those were the days back then. We should write a collective yearbook about this place.

  14. Mikk... i completely agree about the yearbook thing. that would be sick!!!

  15. I remember all the hype on other forums, not knowing this was even going to be a website. I didn't buy into it but I do remember that far back:)
  16. In March, It'll be a year for me. Best. Year. EVER.
  17. I have BEEN here since the first day, but didn't have time for the forums until my join date. Glad I joined, and glad this website was made. :D
  18. I got here pretty soon after the start I think. I also remember seeing the site start out with basically just selling Bicycle Guardians, that's like what it was known for, or so it seemed to me. But to this day, they have grown so much, just look at all the playing cards and tricks offered.
  19. Bout a month or two ago...

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