How Long Have You Been Into Magic?

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  1. How Long Have You Been Into Magic?
    walk around
    table hopping

    Anything! (Sorry, this was supposed to be a poll listing like 1year,2years,3years,around5years,8years,and around 10years,or other) (If a mod can please make it a poll listing all the options I just named ^ I would highly appreciate it!).

  2. About 2.5ish years. But I only stopped being an Ellusionist clone about a year ago.
  3. 8 years

    if you was a squirrel,,,, you be flyin
  4. About 6 months lol
  5. Not to seem rude, but you should definitely consider changing your signature, it's enormous... And be careful of double posts.

    As for me, I believe it has been a little over a year now. I suppose it's about time I get performing more, eh? I'm still in a learning cycle, trying to find as much knowledge as I can to find exactly where I want to go. Thankfully I realized what Ellusionist was and stopped purchasing anything that I didn't specifically find interesting. I bought Stigmata from them because I really liked the sound of it, and I purchased Distortion and Control from here. I had been searching for the moving pip gimmick a good deal of time and when I heard of Control I knew it was something I would like.

    I'm looking forward to getting more into performing in this next year, though I still expect I will be learning quite a bit. I can't believe it's been a year, it already feels like magic is part of my soul. I'm happy to have found this passion.

  6. Not at all. The only think I've purchased from Theory 11 is Control. And not because the trailer had intense music and flashy video effects, but because I saw the effect on Wayne's Stigmata DVD and really liked it.
  7. I've been doing magic for almost 2 years now (march!) and almost all of those two years have been focused around card magic. I've touched on some basic coin magic but I still can't seen to lay off the card addiction :p
  8. I have been in magic all throughout my life, but it became a huge interest of mine for about 1 year now.
  9. I would say maybe a year or a little more.
  10. Wow, compared to most of you guys I'm an "oldie" in magic, and I'm only 15! I've been doing it for a little more than five years, and I can't get it enough of it!

    Yes, I made it sound like I was talking about drugs or something else addicting on purpose... :D
  11. Oldie.. Ha!
    Your a youngin compared to my 10 years.
    But with magic there is always something new and exciting to practise
  12. Well I've been doing magic for 8 months total. But I've been doing flourishing for 6 of those 8.:)
  13. Like and not liking magic since I was seven. Magic non-stop For over a year. Since NOV. 2006.
  14. Thanks everyone for sharing, I've been into magic for about 2-4 years now.
    Its nice to share with other magicians how long you have been interested in this excellent art.

  15. around 5 or 6 months. beginner:)
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    I guess I'm the real oldie here. I have been into magic off and on for about 17 years now and steady for about 6 years now. Performing for money about 3 years now.
    31 as of now.haha

  17. i think that along with how long youve been performing, you shold put how old you are too.

    just a thought


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