How long until a reply?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Pav, May 4, 2013.

  1. I'm most likely just being impatient, but when do responses to Wire submissions generally get sent? It's been three days for me so far. Any thoughts?
  2. Here we go again.I believe it says somewhere its meant to be 72 hours, but often its not, you'll get it though.
  3. Ahh. I assumed as much. I'm most likely just a bit on edge considering that this submission was rejected a while ago and I haven't been able to appropriately redo it until now.
  4. Still no response, it's been around a week now?
  5. Hey Pav, I will have our review panel check into your submission and ensure this is resolved for you within the next 24 hours.

    Thank you, and apologies for the delay.
  6. Lovely, I'd appreciate that. Thank you
  7. Still, nothing. I'm not trying to come across as angry or impatient. It's already been a week now, but now you've gone back on two promises instead of one. Forgive me for the trouble.
  8. Another 24 hours and still no response?
  9. It's about a week to two weeks every time I've submitted an effect. It's just how long it takes unfortunately, rather than arguing some more I've just got used to expecting 2 weeks if it's accepted and a couple days if it's rejected.
  10. I was in that mindset as well honestly, I've heard people describe the inaccuracy of the 72 hour estimate. It's just the fact that the CEO himself then promises me 24 hours and misses that mark by over 2 days. It's an insult to injury sort of moment.
  11. That's nothing, I submitted a color change that was approved, but they wanted me to change the name and resubmit it. They said they, "would put it up immediately!"

    That was March 10th.
    still nothing.
  12. Oi vey. That's sounds painful. And I thought a week and a half was rough.
  13. It's like a bad relationship, try to forget and move on. If they eventually come around, great, but onward and upwards either way.

    A word of advice though, don't base any decisions off of the money you might make from it. I knew my move was original, I knew it would get approved, I didn't want to release it - but was hoping I could use the money to financially help me take focus off of marketing and performing, to focus on college classes (as I move into the tail end of my courses).

    I waited my 72 hours, then a couple weeks, submitted a ticket.

    And here I am.

    I eventually had to swallow my pride (after about a week of eating Cliff bars and Gatorade) and ask my parents for money. /embarassing

    I'm not blaming theory11, the 3 day promise is ambitious, and I'd hate to go through all the material people are sending in. Most of the creators probably haven't read the classics, and I get frustrated on the rare occasion I see someone claim ownership of something they should have read.

    All I'm saying is theory is doing the best they can, I don't doubt it. Just don't be an idiot like I was and assume they owe it to you to do a bunch of (admirable) research on your effect and then publish it for you to their customers. All in 3 days or less.
  14. Ahh, I understand. You worded things well. Thanks for it

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