how magic simplified your life ?

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  1. how magic and mentalism make your life easier ?
    i mean what can you do with them beside tricks in real life ?
  2. Well. You learn a whole host of skills that make you a much more marketable employee. Communication, confidence, ability to keep your cool under pressure. Not to mention the memory feats and physical dexterity help keep your brain healthy.
  3. I think it's helped me a lot with social anxiety. If I see a cute girl I want to talk to, I can actually muster up courage to go up to her, if I have an embarrassing question to ask to someone, I can ask it with ease. I think guerrilla street magic helped me with that. I click with people better, and I can always, always make a good first impression.
  4. Aside from the points made before... I like to say I have take lots of interest in looking good... I do crossfit in order to look nice in my stage shows and I also I have invested in good clothing!! it actually improves all areas of your life...except cooking...jejeje
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  5. Only because you haven't created a magic chef stage show. Seriously, somebody make that happen.
  6. I've thought about it but I've got other plates spinning for now.

    I already cooked before I learned magic but I think the two actually go together quite well. They both involve experimenting, learning from experience and having to study.

    Look at Lee Asher and Eric Mead.
  7. My house few times a month when I bust out the smoker and invite people over. Texas BBQ beer and close up magic. We do it in the smoker season so from like the end of Feb to the middle of Nov. Not sure anyone would want to watch it though.
  8. Totally diverting this topic - you guys are totally making me crave my friend Louis' smoked cheeses. So good!

    I wonder how a magic chef act could go. ..... No! No Christopher. You have a show already.
  9. It really changed me as a person. It made me break out of my shell so to speak. Im now a confident person ready to be awesome in any situation. Being a musician has also helped a lot in becoming the social butterfly I am today, but I would say it was mostly magic.
  10. It helped me quit smoking - it gave me something to do with my hands, and that was driving me crazy. It gave me something with which to work through the nicotine fits.
  11. So to speak.

    I wouldn't want to live in Texas (I like having 4 seasons too much), but you people do know how to barbecue.

    All that said, being a mentalist hasn't really changed me so much as it's given me an excuse to continue obsessively compulsively studying things that most people would consider useless information. And get paid for it. Take that, people who told me to get a real job!
  12. First 29 years of my life were spent in North Central Ohio and Central WV. I do not miss winter at all. No more six foot tall markers on the fire hydants to find them in the snow. No more Lake effect snow. No more taking the snowmobile to the store for food. When i do like is walking out the back door to the club house and getting time on the driving range in the middle of January. Okay, I do miss the snow some times.

    Magic hasn't simplified my life, but did give me a change to become friends, like going over for diner friends with a couple of baseball players back in the late 90's. It also let me see a ton of concerts for free.
  13. Funny thing. The cold doesn't bother me that much, but extreme heat makes me very irritable. Check out some of my posts from a couple summers ago when my air conditioner broke down.

    Haven't gotten any free concerts yet, but I have gotten free drinks. Might be a double-edged sword since in the entertainment industry death by liver failure may as well be considered natural causes.
  14. The free concerts were from working as a resident magician for a radio station.
  15. It create funny moments and makes me happy.
  16. I would say that like many of you I have learned a great deal about how to advertise, become a better people person/social skills, organizational skills, time management, how to dress appropriately or a step above everyone else at gigs and so much more. I love every aspect of what magic has done and continues to do for me. It has really opened some doors for me.
  17. It's helped me financially when I go out with my mates. Particularly as other people buy them for me when I get them good with a short routine!

    It has helped as I can muster conversations with my friends and sometimes people (when they want to talk to me) that didn't include work. Work has been the only thing going for me for the past 3 years. At this moment in time, that's been the most significant thing I have realised has changed for me.

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