How many do you possess?

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  1. Just wondering, but it seems that there are few and far between people with books these days...

    SO.. Just wondering, but how many do you guys posses.. and I am not talking about the ones that you torrented either.. actual books or lecture notes that you possess in physical form on a shelf.

    I would start by saying that I have around 80 or so books and notes.

    as for out of the 80.. 60ish are actual books.
  2. I've got about 7-9 actual books.
  3. A few dozen... Not 80, but I can't be bothered to count at the moment. From an estimate looking at my shelf, looks to be around fifty.
  4. 60ish, none-magic included.
    Magic takes about 25-30
  5. Just have one book and love it.
  6. I have 3 books, Bobo, Hugard, and DaOrtiz.

    Don't want any more, don't want any less.

  7. Expert Card Technique, Royal Road to Card Magic, How to Cheat at Everything, and Erdnase.
    Have a lot of books coming in the mail, though:)
  8. Erdnase, because you aren't serious about cards without having/studying it, and Paul Harris' AoA series.

    The only ones I have worth keeping.

    This does not include things like Advocate and the like from d+M and others which are just small pamphlets.

    So, 4.

  9. just one at the moment, royal road, gonna get a pocket copy of erdnase for xmas, hopefully lol
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    still slowly building my collection but

    Art of Astonishment 1
    Art of Astonishment 2
    Art of Astonishment 3
    Strong Magic - Darwin Ortiz
    13 Steps To Mentalism
    Tricks Of The Mind
    Mysterious Stranger - David Blaine
    Practical Mental Magic
    Psychological Subtleties 2
    Psychological Subtleties 3
    Expert At The Card Table
    Royal Road To Card Magic
    Paper Engine
    Expert Card Technique
    Bobo's Modern Coin Magic
    Card Manipulation
    Mark Wilson's Complete Course
    The Secret Life Of Houdini
    Ordered Inside - Daniel Madison

    that I can think of off the top of my head.
  11. Pfft. Who buys Erdnase now a days?

  12. Penumbra #8
    By forces Unseen
    Jennings '67
    Showmanship for magicians
    Classic magic of larry jennings
    Vernon Chronicle (which is like 7 books lol)
    and I also read expert card techinique on google books.

    so like 14 or so.
  13. Less than 20. But I've read and studied most of them cover to cover.

    Card College 1 and 2
    Close-Up:The Real Secrets of Magic
    Win The Crowd
    The Amateur Magician's Handbook
    13 steps
    Geoff Williams Lecture notes (included both sets as one book)
    Josh Jay's Magic:The Complete Course (I picked this up recently, still haven't gotten to it)
    (That's all that comes to mind right now, too lazy to get up and go to my bookshelf)

    Should be getting both of Darwin Ortiz's books for Christmas, so I'll have something to read.

    Right now I'm reading Blink:How to Think without Thinking, a psychology book that is pretty interesting. I did not include this in the above, but I think everyone should read things that aren't magic related to both become more well rounded (when talking with spectators it's nice to be able to have something to say) and psychology books can often help your magic.

    (I also recommend 'The Paradox of Choice' it's a good, short read.)
  14. Magic related, approximately 100.

    Total book collection, approximately 1,000.

    And I echo foolzsight on Blink. I found it extremely interesting, and it's definitely made me think about things in a different way.
  15. You're a lucky man ... :mad:

    While not a big fan of pscyhology books, thanks for the suggestions foolzsight, I find them interesting.

    Currently, beside magic and college, I'm heavily into Steven Hawking's books, the illustrated versions are fantastic (Brief History of Time being my favorite ). Dan Brown's latest work isnt bad either.
  16. :) Thanks, I was fortunate enough to be born into a family that place great importance on knowledge and intellectual pursuits so I was encouraged to voraciously read and treasure (some would say "hoard") books from a very early age. The only time I regret it is when I move house....
  17. Not too many

    The Paper Engine
    Royal Road
    Modern Coin Magic
    Expert Card Technique
    The Collected Works Of Alex Elmsley Vol I
    The Collected Works Of Alex Elmsley Vol II
    Low Cunning - Alex Elmsleys 1959 Lecture Notes
    Alex Is At It Again - Alex Elmsleys 1997 Lecture Notes
    Darwin Ortiz - At The Card Table

    When I'm stop being a poor student, my book collection will increase
  18. I'm getting there. Not including pamphlets and booklets:

    Mark Wilson - Mark Wilson’s Compete Course in Magic
    Jean Hugard & Fredrick Braue – Royal Road to Card Magic
    John Scarne – Scarne on Card Tricks
    J.B. Bobo – Modern Coin Magic
    S.W. Erdnase – The Expert at the Card Table
    Jean Hugard & Fredrick Braue – Expert Card Technique
    Arthur H. Buckley – Card Control
    Darwin Ortiz – Strong Magic
    Kirk Charles – Hidden in Plain Sight
    Jean Hugard – Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
    Jean Hugard – Hugard’s Magic Manual
    Robert Gobbi – Card College (Vols. 1-3)
    Karl Fulves – Self Working Handkerchief Magic
    Stars of Magic
    Chris Kenner – Totally Out of Control
    Aaron Fisher - Paper Engine
    Paul Harris – Art of Astonishment (Vols. 1 – 3)

    I also recommend BLINK. It isn't really psychology, but a book about how people make instant, almost subconscious, judgments (what Gladwell calls Thin Slicing). How does it apply to magic? It makes you analyze your routine to see there are things you are doing (or not doing) that subconsciously impact the spectator's perception of your magic.
  19. I love my books, and every day I love them more and more.

    Note: my dad was actually a magician when he was my age so books marked with an * are his handed down to me!

    *Scarne on Card Tricks
    *The Amateur Magicians Handbook
    *100 of Scarne's Magic Tricks
    *Magic With Everday Objects
    *Houdini's Magic
    Modern Coin Magic
    *Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks for Magicians
    The Royal Road to Card Magic
    Practical Mental Magic
    13 Steps to Mentalism
    The Alchemical Tools (greatest book ever written)
    Mysterious Stranger
    *Magic With Cards
    Strong Magic
    Session- The Magic of Joel Givens
    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
    Magic the Complete Course
    100 Easy to do Magic Tricks
    Totally Out of Control
    Ultimate Street Magic
    The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic

    I'm hoping to add a couple more that I've had my eye on this holiday season!

    All the best,
  20. The royal road to magic and 13 steps to mentalism - keeping it simple.

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