How many of you guys juggle?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chicken Man, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Just wondering how many of you guys can juggle or juggle lots.
  2. I can do the three ball cascade, nothing more.
  3. I contact juggle
  4. i can, i used to juggle bowling pins when i worked at a bowling alley but haven't tried in awhile. but as for as regular balls or round like objects i can juggle
  5. I can juggle:
    5 Ball Cascade
    4 Ball Shower
    4 Ball Half Shower
    3 Club Cascade
    3 Ring Cascade

    And lots of 3 ball tricks.

    I learnt off the 'Do You Want To Learn Juggling? With Will Roya' DVD. I have heard good things about Jason Garfield's stuff.
  6. i can do a couple 3 ball patterns 3 ball cascade, um 3 ball inverted cascade or fall or whatever and like 2 others i don't know the names of
  7. i can barely juggle 1 ball
  8. 3 balls
    3 clubs (and I can pass)
    3 rings
    1 spinning plate
  9. i penspin, which is contact juggling. Dunno if it counts tho.
  10. Taught myself to juggle with scarves.... then with balls... then with pins... plastic pins... trying to contact juggle

    I can do pretty much anything with juggling three balls... behind the back... under the leg... opposite direction... I have no idea what a cascade is... but I can probably do that XD

    yeah... I'm poor what are you gonna do

  11. I contact juggle as well. It's really fun.
  12. yeh i juggle. I mostly do 3 balls stuff, but i do a little 2 ball (in one hand) and 4 ball work as well. Never tried with clubs.

    I also do juggling sticks (i'm not sure if they are called that, but i don't know the proper name...)
  13. I can juggle 3 balls. Cant do any of this fancy cascade stuff that Ive never even heard of but sounds pretty cool. Would say something else but there is nothing else to add to the very simple question!:)
  14. A 'Cascade' is a simple figure 8 pattern. If you can juggle 3 balls, you're most likely juggling the '3 Ball Cascade'.
  15. Flourishing is nothing more than card juggling.

  16. well as far as i know juggling is defined as manipulating more objects than you have hands, so yes, i suppose flourishing with 52 cards is juggling. But when they are all together in a packet, you could really only count that as one object...
  17. Yes, but you split the deck into many smaller packets, therefor making you have more objects than you have hands. That's why I don't think so-called "cardistry" is a new art, juggling has been around for a long time.

    If you're a flourisher, you're also a juggler.

  18. I think I actually starting juggling before magic... But I don't really remember, it's been a while. Anyways, I can only juggle three balls. I really haven't tried to expand outside of that, for whatever reason.

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