How many of you were introduced to magic by Youtube?

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Were you introduced to magic by Youtube

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  1. I understand many people Discovered magic from a youtube video or channel. I was just wondering how many of you first started learning magic, because you ran across a video on Youtube.

    It doesn't make you a better or worse magician. I am just curious.
  2. I technically didnt discover magic on youtube, however had it not been for youtube i prolly would have stopped playing with it.

  3. That is basically me. Started out with A Criss Angle magic Kit, a A Mac King set, and then discovered Paul Weatherbee on Youtube, and that brought me to sites like this.
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  4. Same with me. My first introduction to magic was a David Copperfield television special back in 2001 but I was just a little kid and didn't think it would be something I would ever be able to do.

    Then on YouTube, I watched a bunch of clips of Magics Greatest Secrets Revealed and figured out magic was a bit more accessible than what I had originally realized. And then I started seeing viral magic videos and that's what finally got me hooked. So in a way, YouTube is responsible for my interest in magic as well.
  5. I got into magic by watching a family friend who then used to blatantly lie to my face when in private asked how he did a trick (even though some I Sussed out) I didn't want to know to be a heckler or to go and tell anyone it was simply because I was amazed that I knew sleight of hand must of took hours to perfect to a move...eventually I fell out with this person and due to other circumstances got depression and I found magic calming by then turning to YouTube to learn things Now I am obsessed!!!
  6. I did not get introduced to magic by You Tube.
    I got introduced to magic by a stage-performance of magic I saw.
    Then I googled "Easy Magic Tricks".
    Also, that was 6 years ago, so viewing You Tube would swallow up any data pack easily.
    So I JUST GOOGLED stuff
    "Amazing magic tricks"
    "Killer magic tricks"
    "Amazing coin magic tricks"
    "Amazing card magic tricks"
    "Killer levitation tricks"
    And so on goes the list...then I realised there are magic books out there. I realised they are better than the cheap 10 page card magic trick books sold on trains (in case that seems unfamiliar to you, you are not an Indian). So I bought two books, Bobo's coin magic and Tom Ogden's Complete Idiot's Guide to Street Magic. And I swear that the latter has loads of stuff for everyone and the advice there is gold, just saying.
    I found there are amazing channels on you tube which show amazing magic tutorials (this happened when we bought a wi-fi router).
    And after all this I have discovered that the You Tube is a cool place to learn from. Also, there was a video about some trick and I LOVED it. Somehow I found out that the effect was on Paul Zenon's street magic book. So I got that. Therefore You Tube has improved my skills and arensal. It has ENCOURAGED me to buy a lot of books, because every great magician on YT would be like "You have to buy xyz book written by is GREAT"...and I would, if not buy, atleast check out the book, check out its reviews.
    So basically YT introduced me to this larger platform (it was thru YT that I came here) where it tells you you are not alone, there are HOARDS of magicians out there willing to help.
    All these sources of magic are connected, all of them.I really can't look at them separately, because I learned abt YT thru a few books (which did not speak too kindly of YT, nevertheless :) ) then I got introduced to more books thru YT. See? All's interconnected.
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  7. I was killing time on YouTube when I ran across one of Chris Ramsey's videos instantly hooked and I'm29 that was two months ago now and I have an arsenal of effects I love to show to anyone who will watch I love getting great reactions from people
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