How much will you be selling your Smoke and Mirrors?

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  1. Hi guys as you all know S&M v5 has been sold out on Theory11 and DanandDave. So to all who owns a smokes and mirrors how much do you think it will be worth is you are going to sell it?

    I think i might sell mine for around $50 or less than that. What do you guys think?
  2. The Wynn decks still haven't topped $50 and those were a while back...2 years I think? S&M v.5 have just hit the secondary market and I think the standard markup at this time is $2.00. So v.5s are currently worth $7.50-$8.00. They will be worth $50.00 some day but that might be anywhere from 2-10 years in the future.
  3. in my country maybe around $20 for now...
    but i keep it for a while....
    maybe 1-2 years:D
  4. How much do you all think v1s are worth now and v3s?
  5. The v4's are $20 bucks a pop on ebay.

    I however will keep and USE mine. I will keep 1 unused, but I love the feel of the cards, and they are unique.
  6. There's an auction on eBay right now of the v1s:

    As of this writing the bid is $41.00, (US), with 2 bids and 3d 11hrs to go.

    There's also an auction for a pair of v3 Smoke & Mirrors:

    The current bid is $60.99, (US), with 2 bids with 1d 7hrs to go.

    It'll be interesting to see what they top out at.
  7. Does it really matter? It's a deck of cards. I'm sorry if I sound jaded, it's not my goal, ever, to discourage someone's love for the art of magic; but I've figured out why threads like this evoke such an apathetic response in me. These threads are pointless to the progression of one self in the art of magic. They hold little conversational value, appear way to frequently (just how many how much is X deck worth threads do we have anyways?), and come off as nothing more than bragging. I'm sorry man, there just seems to me to be much more important things to discuss in the art of magic than what flavor your deck is.
  8. I wont be selling mine for a LONG time.
  9. Previous S&M have been sold for more than $50 and they're not more than 2 years old. You can't put a price on them based on time since it's all about popularity, supply and demand. DnD cards are only getting more popular....
  10. Sorry Mr. Draven, (and those that share his views)
    I respect many of your posts and I am a fan of your reviews but I find your comments, and the comments of many others in regards to card collecting, rude and uninviting. Card collecting, and thus discussing the potential future value of certain cards, is a perfectly viable topic of conversation, especially on the forum of a website that regularly releases various decks of cards that go on to fetch high values on the secondary market. So I kindly ask that you remember two things before posting a complaint about the existence of a "card collecting" thread.

    1. Card collecting and magic go hand in hand. It is a natural fit just as gun collecting often becomes a side hobby of target shooters. It also seems to have quite a tradition in magic. In all the video footage I have seen of Ed Marlo he seems to have a different deck of cards in his hands every time. Watch any of the Jason England Downloads. He has a different deck of cards in every one. Lee Asher's association with card collecting is well known. And don't forget that it was seeing our "patron saint of close-up magic", Dai Vernon, with a pack of Jerry's Nuggets that drove the initial interest in those cards. It is natural to assume that many, though not all, magicians may develop an interest in card collecting. I don’t feel anyone, regardless of their personal feelings, has an argument worthy enough to discourage combining both of these hobbies.

    2. Because many of the signature and decks manufactured for various magicians and magic companies have begun to fetch high prices in the secondary market, websites like this one have begun to attract the attention of serious card collectors. These people may not be magicians but they have developed an interest in cards printed to appeal to magicians. A few weeks ago I read a post on from a very nice lady who was having difficulty finding out the value and confirming the editions(1st, 2nd, ect.) of her Ellusionist and T11 decks. She had complained about rude and unhelpful posters on some of the sites like this one. She did not mention what site had scared her off so I can't say that it was this one, nor will I accuse anyone on this forum of having been rude to her, but I think it would be nice if we all kept this in mind when posting.

    In short, there is no reason to complain about posts like this. Card collecting, like it or not, is a part of many magic communities. If it is not part of your particular magical interests, that’s fine. If you want to debate the merits of using custom or collector’s decks versus Rider back 808 in a magical performance that is okay, provided that the discussion happens within the context of an appropriate thread. Unfortunately, posting views of that sort on a thread that is clearly dedicated to assessing the potential value of various custom decks is a bit off topic. Furthermore, as my anecdote pointed out, negative comments about the “worthiness” of card collecting has scared off some perfectly nice people who have as much right as anyone to enjoy their hobby, whether it is card collecting, magic, or both. I personally don’t do much coin magic, and for what I do I see no need to search high and low for a good price on a Morgan dollar. To me one would be worth…..$1.00! That said I don’t jump in and voice my personal opinion that you should only pay face value for legally minted currency every time someone posts a “Where can I get a Morgan,” thread in a coin forum. So I ask that you please try to be respectful and understanding to the card collectors among us and the card collectors who visit us. After all, this is Theory 11…perhaps the most “card dominant” of the major magic forums.

  11. ^^ Well said! I agree!
  12. Back to the original post...

    $50 today is crazy talk. The link posted earlier shows a deck of V.5s that just went for less than $8. Yes, they will go up, but a little research takes the ignorant shine off of ideas. As was said before, V.4s have been going for $20. V.5s are not (generally) going to fetch close to that for a while.

    A little proof? Check here. V.5s are on sale for $9 a deck. Multiple of them. They are not yet selling. They are not yet worth $9 to the majority of people. They will be, but not yet.

    Do your research.

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    Haha if you are talking about me i did say i would sell it for $50 but not now.. Besides the cards i buy in Malaysia, it would be $1-$5++ for you guys (Bicycle Rider backs and etc) but $10-$20++ for me. If i'm not mistaken i have to pay $5 for Normal rider backs, due to mean bosses and shipping costs. :p
  14. I know what you mean. I am currently residing in Korea where rider back 808s go for $7.00/ per! Kind of makes it easy to justify custom decks. Even after shipping my v.5s are cheaper than that.
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    I wont be.

    If all you think about when buying a deck of cards is the resale, then ...


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