How not to bash someone on Youtube

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by anarchistmagic, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. So, I ran across this video of unknownmagician93 talking trash about T11's own Jason England as a response to a thread a couple of weeks ago.

    He had no problem making this video public for the world to see, until I gave him flack about it. Shortly thereafter he made the video private... When you see the videos subject matter, then you will appreciate my sense of irony and poetic justice.

    Enjoy the video:
  2. Wow, I actually had thought that people were more intelligent and considerate. I suppose that I have been proven wrong.
  3. Maybe you should of thought about not singling out the person who posted Jason did Suhaas. That was also a very immature thing to do was complain about it. Keep it civil here man....don't single out people.
  4. That's a bit hypocritical of you. The user in the video is stating his frustration at Jason England singling out a user. Now you're doing the exact same thing by singling this user out. Everybody has a right to their opinion. Personally I agree with some of the things said in the video while I don't fully. You didn't need to make this thread. It has nothing to do with magic at all you just wish to bash a user sharing his opinions. You're thread is called how not to bash someone, but in making the thread you're bashing someone. Grow up.
  5. I don't think that the guy that posted the video link here did not create the video. However, I do disagree with Jason listing a username from a PM on a public board, but for that matter, it has been resolved. As for the rest of the video, the kid was just a prick.
  6. [​IMG]

    The amount of Double-meta-entedre-irony in this thread budundles me.
  7. So you downloaded this and reposted it just to make fun of him? How does that make you any better then him?
    Maybe he realised it was a bad idea and did the right thing by taking it off for fear of people like you rekindling the pointless flame war. but then you go and reupload it.
    Jason made a mistake, and apologized. Dan made a mistake too. Get over it
    This has gone on long enough.
  8. Does anyone smell irony? Because I do.
  9. I smell it too Nino. It's permeating the air. :)
  10. Why are people sticking up for this douchebag? (Thanks Lee)
  11. This is a good, and prime example of what being a child looks like. Maybe you should refrain from using childish like words and actions.
  12. @CRProductions, but aren't you like 12?
  13. He certainly doesn't act like it if he is. That's a lesson to be learned!
  14. No, child, i am 14. Just because I'm 14 doesn't mean I don't know how to behave like a mature person. Maybe you should start acting like one instead of being immature and resurfacing an argument that happened weeks ago. This thread is doomed, please close moderators...
  15. You're criticizing him for singling out a user and calling him obscene names, yet you're doing the exact same thing to him. Whether or not you agree with him, everybody is entitled to their opinions. In fact, not many people had seen the video. In posting this thread you just introduced his video to the forums which is bound to cause trouble. There was no need to start this thread in the first place.

    Also, I don't believe anyone is specifically sticking up for the user. I believe they just find what you're doing immature and hypocritical.
  16. Hrrm I smell something irony, *sips his glass full of blood* and it tastes irony as well.

    Anywho really you should take down the video because it isn't yours in the first place. Though I understand why people are angry at whoever it really doesn't give anyone the right to cry and whine about it on video. Rant videos are up there next to the Wow freak out videos. Perhaps someone realized this and that is why they took down the video in the first place, HMMM? Take it down.
  17. Heh. Jason singled out Suhaas. Then, UM93 singled out Jason. Finally, Anarchistmagic singled out UM93.

    Now, everybody is singling out Anarchistmagic for singling out UM93. Since I have singled everybody out, I will no doubt be singled out sooner or later.

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    || || || || || ||
    || || || || || ||
    The circle of idiocy. And hypocrisy.
    Can't forget that, can we?
  18. This is why I love Theory11! There's so much irony in this place that is not even funny.
  19. Please enlighten me how I singled out anyone. If you read my post again, I talk in an incredible general way. However, I find it funny now that the one who is criticizing the irony of the thread is now being ironic themselves singling out other people via quotes. Anywho everyone have a wonderful evening.
  20. "here's bayme trying to stick up for his butt buddy"

    as stupid as this guy is, that was funny...

    i find this thread pointless, and the guy who made the video too be a child.

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