How safe is Thread?

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  1. I'm considering purchasing Thread by Wayne Houchin and I think the geek method looks best but Im wondering how safe it is.

    I mean does it feel weird or hurt and how safe is it to perform?
  2. Also,can one wear contacts while doing this effect?
  3. Thread is safe enough to eat off of.
  4. I second that motion with avengance
  5. idk the trick is safe but for me is uncomfrtable to preform and i dont think you can wear contacts
  6. you can wear contacts using the geek method
  7. You can wear contacts using both methods
  8. hello, i wear contacts and have successfully performed both methods. The geek method is not painful. Wayne talks about this in the dvd. It is a ...interesting feeling that can be uncomfortable at first but what do you expect pulling a thread out of your eye. With time you will get used to the feeling or it will not be there at all. Many people misinterpret the strange feeling as pain instead of just trying to overcome it. It will take a little bravery and a little time but you will learn to love the effect.
  9. i have a question, i got a spool of thread @ the craft store and it says 100% cotton on it so i bought it. But when i got home and read it again the other side says Mercerized cotton (the opposite side says 100% cotton). So i was wondering if it is safe for me to try the geek method.

    Thanks in advance,
  10. i accidentilly tried the geek method with a polyester mix and now i have a cut ON my eye
  11. My friend visited a doctor about this effect. The doctor told him the geek method may have some serious side effects. Such as: Eye infection of many sorts (such as: uansiuasdu asidhaishd asjdhashd -I forgot the names sorry- excessive & unnecessary rubbing of the eye after the trick, and infections that will take a vast amount of time to heal). The doctor also said as much as you want to sanitize the string, it will have vast amounts of bacteria, and may cause harm to the body if it is left in the eye too long. As long as you follow instructions carefully every time, you will be safe.

    Hope this helps,
  12. Warning: Tis product will make your eyes bleed unicorns.

  13. Darnit!!!! I JUST brought it!
  14. I almost lost an eye with this trick. Alright I'm just kidding. My friend lost his eye with this.:eek:
  15. well, regardless, i love the trick. clearly its not too dangerous if Wayne has done it so many times without injury. I think if you follow his instruction and are careful your going to get as much out of it as he has.
  16. Very true wayne has performed this for almost a decade and nothings happen like said just follow his instructions and you will be fine
  17. If you don't follow instructions because you're too lazy, you're a complete dumbass =P
    See what happens.
    Just follow instructions and you'll be fine.
  18. Wayne the other day said he has been doing this for 9 years with no sideffects, he has never had a eye infection or pink eye or anything like that so if you follow his instructions you will be fine and after a while you can do it and you wont feel a thing.
  19. Yes - Mercerized cotton is fine - in fact that's what I used on the DVD.
  20. I started tearing when I did the geek method. It just hurts so much.

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